Hyperlocal Delivery Model: A Smart solution for Ecommerce Business

The hyperlocal delivery model for expanding your business is a smart choice to make in the year 2021. After the COVID havoc, life is still under threat but we cannot stay home for longer as the economy is again intimidating.

Everyone is exploring the opportunities and new business choices they can make to overcome this scenario. The idea of hyperlocal delivery is not very old but it escalated after the pandemic.

The hyperlocal business model has some necessary elements like delivery time, delivery location, services they provide, and of course the safety and hygiene due to the new normal.

How does the hyperlocal business Marketplace work?


The hyperlocal business multi-seller Marketplace involves the delivery of a product in a nearby location within a period of time. And as I mentioned, pandemic included another element called safety and hygiene.

For running a successful hyperlocal delivery business, you have to establish a setup for order placement and delivery handling.

It is not easy to start a new service in your store, but to keep up with the demand and trend; you need to begin with something. To provide hyperlocal delivery service, you will require:

1) E-commerce Website:

A website that has a shopping cart, checkout page, and other necessary features will be your first requirement. Once you have a website, you can plan the delivery process.

2) Packaging process:

For delivery, the product must reach the customer in a good condition. Spend a few bucks on the packaging to ensure the quality of the product. You can reduce the shipping cost by making the right choices.

3) Delivery Management System:

For the delivery, you require software that can handle all the orders and their status. The Delivery Boy App is a stop solution for delivery management for a hyperlocal delivery multi-vendor marketplace.

4) Transportation and Logistics:

Also, you will require a transportation unit with a licensed driver who will deliver your goods on time.

This is how you can start your hyperlocal delivery business in less time with minimal cost. Let’s have look at the most important elements of a hyperlocal delivery business:


The hyperlocal delivery services are more convenient to the buyers than the delayed deliveries from the big shot companies like Amazon. You can start the most flourishing grocery and food delivery business and make a lot of money.
The fast consuming goods are the best choices for a hyperlocal delivery business because they require to be delivered on time.


location comes next. The customer will add the location and the seller can set a location in which he will be able to deliver. Also, delivery boys can take the orders according to their location.

Now you have the basic idea of a hyperlocal delivery business. Here is a list of modules that can help you start your hyperlocal delivery business ASAP.


The Prestashop delivery boy app makes delivery and order management seamless and faster. The store admin can easily add as many delivery boys and provide full customization options.
The status of the order will be notified to all three entities: the controller, the delivery boy, and the client. Also, OTP verification is integrated for the customer while the delivery boy makes the final delivery of the product.


Knowband provides online shoppers with the Prestashop preferred delivery time program. The preferred delivery time extension can be added by the online store administrator and helps them deliver the products to customers on the required date and time.


The Prestashop Hyperlocal Delivery Marketplace module is used to bring customers closure to local sellers and shops. Prestashop store owners may convert their store into a fully operating marketplace using the Hyperlocal E-Commerce Marketplace and allow other vendors to sell products on the marketplace.



The Hyperlocal Mobile App builder for PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace converts the hyperlocal online marketplace into a mobile app for native Android & iOS devices.

The Hyperlocal Mobile App allows users to pick a specific location and to shop for items in a specific area.

Wrapping Up:

Technology is the best option to keep the fleet efficient. Delivery path optimization software eliminates downtime during delivery. It raises the number of active fleets readily available for delivery and decreases the maintenance time of the fleet. It also reduces the time spent by fleet drivers on deliveries, keeping them busy and productive.

The hyperlocal delivery business deals with a strain on consumers’ perceptions of fast delivery. Managing these customer demands for on-demand deliveries is a difficult challenge for logistics companies without the use of technology.

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