Can Prestashop marketplace acquire potential clients?

Acquiring potential clients becomes easier with the Prestashop marketplace. In today’s time, consumers look for value and deals. They offer consumers introductory discounts or deals such as buy two, get one half-price, or free gift wrapping for the first three transactions to bring new customers into your store. These kinds of deals can entice new clients who were thinking about doing business with you but needed a little push to change their buying habits. Hence, keeping all the requirements in mind, we recommend the Prestashop marketplace.

Prestashop marketplace

What is Prestashop marketplace?

The Prestashop marketplace is an addon offered by Knowband to help merchants to build their marketplace by permitting several sellers to sell their items. Prestashop marketplace or Multi-vendor Marketplaceis recommended to clients because it offers incredible benefits to merchants as well as to customers. As a result, customers return to your stores more often.

Prestashop marketplace

What are the benefits offered by Multi-vendor Marketplace to sellers?

  1. Addon provides an efficient seller dashboard

Sellers get access to the seller’s dashboard once approved by the store merchant. With access to the seller’s dashboard, you can upload products, add shipping methods, update seller profiles and even manage the orders. Also, process the orders for the Prestashop marketplace moduleBesides that, sellers do get benefits like viewing the earning as well as the record of transactions with the store merchants, etc. Moreover, the sales comparison is based on the daily, weekly, monthly as well as yearly basis from the module. 

Prestashop marketplace

  1. Product tab

Offering a product tab and a compatible product tab are two different things. The product tab feature of Prestashop Marketplace Module allows sellers should provide a Standard Product, a Pack of Existing Products, or Virtual Products, as well as the product’s basic details. Including short descriptions as well as long descriptions, images, pricing information, and so forth.

  1. Prestashop Marketplace Plugin allows adding multiple categories

Want to list products in different categories? Prestashop Marketplace Plugin allows you to do so. Prestashop Marketplace module offers a feature of adding multiple categories which allow sellers to categorize products in different categories. Further, sellers can easily send a category request if required.

To process the request, sellers need to switch to the admin interface of the module. If a product is submitted to PrestaShop Marketplace in various categories, the seller can choose a default category.

Prestashop marketplace

  1. Connect social accounts

The module allows merchants to enter Social URLs to enable social links on the Seller’s Page. From the seller dashboard of the module, sellers can add their social profiles such as Twitter, Pinterest, Vimeo, Google+, Facebook, and Instagram.

Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Module offers customer benefits

Along with sellers features, the module offers great customer benefits. This way it becomes easier for your store to attract potential clients to your eCommerce store.

  1. Clients get multiple choices

One of the biggest reasons to use the module is, it offers a multiple-choice feature. In simple words, this module is a one-stop destination for any sort of item 

With the assistance of the module, customers can easily place orders. Buyers can choose things from different merchants using an interactive interface on the PrestaShop Marketplace.

Prestashop marketplace

  1. Express your opinions

Another great advantage of using the module is, being a customer you get the freedom to write sellers review. Furthermore, the plugin permits clients to post reviews for the Prestashop multi-sellers. Customers can provide reviews for the things they’ve purchased, as well as for the sellers. Customers can offer products and sellers ratings as well.

3. Hassle-free transaction

This module allows buyers to search for any seller on Multi vendor Marketplace and place their orders. Furthermore, the module offers a transaction process that is secured and buyers may quickly find and order from any seller on the Multi-vendor Marketplace. The module offers a secured transaction process and customers may buy things more easily using remakes.

In the End

As mentioned earlier, the module is the one-stop destination. This is an effective approach to change your Prestashop eCommerce store into a full-fledged and functional online marketplace. The Knowband module enhances the reach of your store and provides several items as well as services to the clients.

In case you find any trouble, you are free to contact the Knowband team by writing them at

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