How is Prestashop Marketplace Module beneficial for sellers and buyers?

The Prestashop Marketplace Module is a great method to turn your Prestashop eCommerce site into a fully working online marketplace. This module can convert your eCommerce site into a complete marketplace. Further, it allows merchants to manage the inventories, orders, products as well as shipping methods at the Marketplace from the backend of the module.

Prestashop Marketplace Module

The Prestashop Marketplace module enables store owners to charge sellers/vendors a commission on the things they sell. Furthermore, sellers get the chance to promote their brand as well as serve the audience of Marketplace in return for the commission which they are paying to the admin. Furthermore, Prestashop Marketplace is beneficial to buyers as well as sellers. 

What are the seller benefits offered by Prestashop Marketplace Module?

  • Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Module allows store merchants to add any sort of item to the marketplace. Furthermore, Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin upholds a wide range of items, directly from the basic, configurable to the virtual and bundled products.
  • Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Module permits sellers to request the admin to add new categories.
  • The commission charges are fixed, in this way, the whole transaction is transparent. Furthermore, the PrestaShop Marketplace module makes it simpler for the sellers to offer their items to a bigger client base. 
  • The dashboard of the module permits the merchants to see their profile, items, and orders. 

Prestashop Marketplace Module

  • A different/separate vendor’s page makes it simpler for the sellers to promote their business.
  • Furthermore, Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Module allows sellers to choose from various membership plans according to their needs.
  • Under the GDPR compliance, the merchants get an alternative to download their details in CSV format by clicking a button. 
  • Prestashop Marketplace Module permits sellers to even request the store admin to eliminate their shop from the marketplace. Furthermore, this request is processed from the back-end of the PrestaShop marketplace addon. 

How beneficial is Prestashop Marketplace to buyers? 

  • Using this module, merchants can now choose the right products from a wider range of product options. Moreover, Prestashop Marketplace, clients receive an option to review the sellers. Because of this feature, clients can review the products by using the Product Review Reminder or Default Product Comment Addon.
  • Prestashop Marketplace allows sellers to reviews aid them in their purchase decision.
  • By visiting the seller’s page, online buyers can pick the product.
  • The add-on allows buyers to become sellers in PrestaShop Marketplace. Further, it is allowed to register as a seller. 

My take on Prestashop Marketplace Module 

KnowBand offers Prestashop Marketplace to help the PrestaShop storekeepers to make their commercial center permitting the different merchants to sell their items.

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