Which Platform Should Your Business Use in 2023: iOS or Android?

What’s the big deal about iOS vs. Android? Today, though, we’re going to talk about which platform is best for designing mobile applications for your company. You see, websites alone are no longer sufficient to grow your business. Everyone wants everything at their fingertips as people and the global change. The need for creating mobile applications arises at this point.

For all organizations, mobile applications are now a need. Why? In a manner, they are more practical and user-friendly. Do you not concur? The most crucial component of growing a business today is creating mobile apps for your brand. Which platform—iOS or Android—should you choose is currently the main concern.

So stop worrying because we are here to assist you to put an end to the conflict between iOS and Android.

Additionally, you should be aware that iOS and Android are the two most widely used operating systems worldwide. Both of them are successful in their respective fields thanks to a sizable consumer base and strong brand loyalty. This is what makes choosing between the two more difficult.

Yes, I am aware of your thoughts. Why not create for both platforms and resolve this conundrum for good? Well, we’ve also got that covered! So just believe me and continue reading.

You won’t want to miss this, I’m sure of it!

Which Operating System—iOS or Android—should You Choose for Your Business?

According to statistics, Android and iOS have dominated the global app development market with 97% of the market share. Are you sure about that? With these figures, it is safe to say that in a market as competitive as this, no other platform is worth a try. The decision as to which to select is, however, a challenging one.

Why Not Make Apps That Work on Both Platforms?

I guess this is the million-dollar question! So let’s get started before we talk about the blog’s main points. Starting a business and wanting to create mobile apps for both platforms can delay your entry into the market and use up resources. You won’t initially favor it, I’m certain.

In addition to all of that, finding different teams with specialists in each area is a taxing endeavor that can exhaust all of your energy.

So let’s start out by keeping things basic! How do you feel?

Considerations to Make Before Selecting a Platform for Your Mobile App

Now that you’re reading this, I guess you want to keep things straightforward at first. Congratulations! Your recent choice was a great one.

Check out the criteria below to help you select the best platform for your business. Let’s begin!

Considerations to Make Before Selecting a Platform for Your Mobile App

1). Target Market

Start by monitoring the share of iOS and Android in your target market. This will aid in your comprehension and analysis of your target audience’s demographics. The user demographics include information about your target audience’s age group, geography, spending power, and gender. With this knowledge, you can comprehend the market and potential platform preferences of your target market.


2). Availability of Talent and Acquisition Costs

It’s all about the resources here.

You should be aware that iOS developers cannot create Android applications and vice versa. The tech stack requirement is completely different, making cross-performance challenging. I also have a justification for this.

The fact is that a lot of people use Android. As a result, testing involves using a wide variety of screens with various sizes, which takes time. That is definitely something to think about!


3). Procedure for Reviewing Expenses

The fact is, coding is only one aspect of app development. It takes time to review an app before releasing it on an app store. Therefore, try to avoid choosing iOS if time is an issue.

Now for the important part:

In general, Android apps are authorized more quickly than iOS apps. This is a result of the stringent requirements placed on iOS applications.

4). Monetization

Okay, moving on to the earning aspect, allow me to slip in the following details:

I bet you’re asking yourself why and how. The outcomes for the iOS apps’ in-app purchases and subscription models were excellent. That is the main element. Keep an eye on the yearly growth in income for mobile apps in the Google Play store. Time for a choice!

The finest portion of the article is this section, where you may learn about the current situation and make an informed choice. So let’s begin!

Perspectives on the iOS and Android Apps Market Scenario

iPhone and Android market shares worldwide. Since its introduction in 2007, the iPhone has had more than a billion buyers worldwide. Despite its struggles to unseat Apple in the United States and Japan, Android is still the market’s leading mobile operating system globally. More than 85% to 90% of the Android market is held by India, Brazil, Turkey, Iran, and Indonesia.

So it is safe to state that Android is the winner when comparing the current global market share!

Which App will earn more Revenue?

Which app will earn more revenue

According to statistics, customers downloaded more than 26 billion Android apps from the Google Play store, which produced over $12.1 billion in revenue in the third quarter of 2021.

But pause.

According to statistics, a total of $ 21 billion in income was earned with merely 8 billion iOS app downloads from the Apple App Store!

User Engagement and Retention

User Engagement and Retention

When it comes to creating apps for your company, establishing a devoted consumer base is the main challenge at hand. Count on my word for it. Speaking of user engagement and retention, research shows that Android users make up a more dependable client base. Individual user loyalty has increased for both Android and iOS, but the majority supports Android customer loyalty.

It’s important to keep this in mind.

When should your Company choose Android App Development?

Choosing Android as the platform for your mobile app is a good idea if:

  1. Your target market is spread out globally and operates from various locations.
  2. You must deliver a variety of components and features.
  3. You want to get into the market quickly.
  4. Your spending is on the frugal side.

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When should your Company choose iOS App Development?

  1. Choosing iOS as the platform for your mobile app is a good idea if:
  2. Your target market is primarily located in the USA or Japan.
  3. You know the user demographics, which lean more toward iOS users.
  4. You are not in a rush to go to the market.
  5. Your spending plan is adjustable.

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Hopefully, we’ve covered all the questions that might have come up while discussing iOS vs. Android. In essence, everything depends on the user demographics and how well your business is planned. For startups and growth-stage companies, the options can vary.

There isn’t a strict guideline for every industry. It all comes down to the goals you have for your company or business idea. Therefore, in this situation, you can resolve the iOS vs. Android conflict by concentrating on your company’s objectives and setting priorities accordingly.

We have only noted a few details that, in my hope, would aid in your decision-making. However, feel free to contact us at Knowband if you still have any queries that we may have missed. We are also available to you if you need to engage a tech team to begin developing your app.

Good luck until then!


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