Today only install Prestashop one-page checkout plugin on the website

Simplifying the checkout procedure becomes an easier task with Prestashop one-page checkout plugin. With the assistance of the Prestashop One Page Checkout Plugin, users can view the entire cart summary on the checkout page and even permit them to easily alter the basket and apply coupons. Furthermore, the module can replace the tiring multi-step checkout procedure with a single-page responsive layout. Besides that, the module even encourages users to finish the checkout process as quickly as possible.

Why should merchants always stick to Prestashop one-page checkout plugin?

Sticking to Prestashop One Page Checkout Plugin results in incredible benefits listed below:

1.Prestashop one-page checkout plugin reduces abandoned cart: 

According to a study, more than 60% of abandoned carts are due to a complicated or slow checkout page. However, our Prestashop one-page checkout plugin simplifies as well as speeds up the checkout process, resulting in the decrease of abandoned carts.

Prestashop one-page checkout plugin

2. Higher sales:

Store merchants can utilize Prestashop one-page checkout plugin if looking for a boost in conversion rates on their Prestashop store.

3. Wide range of layouts: 

Choose the number of columns and column sizes you wish to show your consumers. Define where each part will appear. Furthermore, you can pick from a one-column, two-column, or three-column layout.

Prestashop one-page checkout plugin

 4. Higher security :

Responsive one-page checkout Prestashop is SEO and SSL enabled. SEO stands for search engine optimization and SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is a security protocol that creates an encrypted link between a web server as well as a web browser. 

Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon support SEO URL structures and if the website has SSL enabled, it can also be used.

Prestashop one-page checkout plugin

5. Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon offers Newsletter and voucher field:

Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon offers features like newsletter and voucher fields which can be displayed in One Step on the checkout page.

6. Finish Cart summary: 

When the consumer “moves the cursor over product name,” the Prestashop One Step Checkout addon displays the full cart summary, the product image directly, or both.

7. Show/Hide total tax field: 

At one checkout page, the admin can show or hide the total tax field in the cart summary.

 8. Mobile Responsive: 

One Page Checkout Prestashop is compatible or mobile-friendly which means you it works across all devices as well as browsers.

Prestashop one-page checkout plugin

9. Custom Fields: 

One Step Checkout Prestashop Extension comes with a new feature called “Custom Fields.” Furthermore, this tab of the Prestashop one-step checkout module expands the module’s ability to add, edit, and delete custom fields on our Prestashop quick checkout addon’s checkout page directly from the back-end. Furthermore, the store admin can create as many custom fields as you want in various sections of the checkout page.

This Knowband addon even allows adding a field label to a custom field that has already been added. Further, you can even edit a custom field that has already been added or even delete any custom field that has already been added. 

Merchants can even add some text to the freshly introduced field to give it some context. Moreover, you can set the field’s position on the checkout page and even define the field’s validation type. Prestashop responsive one-step checkout addon allows the merchant to make it a compulsory or optional field.


The Prestashop one-page checkout module not only prioritizes usability but also creates a mobile-friendly environment for customers. If you want “visitors” to your store to become long-term “customers,” then purchasing this Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon module will make your inner desires a reality. So, give Prestashop One Page Checkout a try right now and watch your business develop indefinitely!!

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