Bet you don’t know about Prestashop One Page Checkout’s these features

Prestashop One Page Checkout comes with incredible features. You must be well aware of features such as it offers social login options, eliminating multiple steps involved in the checkout process of the store, and so on. But, you might not be aware of these features of Prestashop One Page Checkout.

Prestashop One Page Checkout

Every e-commerce business is seeing a surge in one-page checkouts. Furthermore,  a complicated and multi-step checkout procedure may cause customers to lose interest in making a purchase. Moreover, the lengthy and confusing checkout process of the website is one of the reasons for cart abandonment. This Prestashop one-page checkout extension could be a guaranteed approach to lower your website’s cart abandonment rate.

Prestashop One Page Checkout

Features of Prestashop One Page Checkout you are unaware of:

1. Did you know the addon offers the “show/hide any fields” option?

Prestashop One Page Checkout offers a “show/hide any fields” feature. This feature of the Prestashop Quick checkout addon, allows you to decide which field to be displayed and which shouldn’t be on the checkout page. Further, The Prestashop one-page checkout module can turn off optional fields. For instance, Company, Fax, etc. 

Prestashop One Page Checkout

2. Can we customize buttons?

Absolutely, yes. With the assistance of Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon, you can change or customize the color of the buttons on the checkout page. Furthermore,  this way you can easily match with your store’s theme or template you picked with the help of a color picker tool. Also, the module offers the biggest advantage like, it requires zero coding knowledge. 

Activities can be done without affecting the base code from the Prestashop single page checkout addon’s backend.

3. You can modify the shopping/payment method name or image.

The Knowband Prestashop one page checkout module allows the administrator to simply change the name of the shipping/payment methods or the thumbnail image without modifying the code. Further, with the assistance of the module, the admin can easily have a simplified name for your payment method and can even provide you with a nice image for the logo.  

Prestashop One Page Checkout

4. Single Page checkout offers Drag and Drop: 

Without changing the code, the admin can even quickly modify the name of the shipping/payment methods or the thumbnail image. The Prestashop responsive checkout extension also allows the admin to offer your payment method a more concise name and a good logo image.

5. Address Fields Layout Changes: 

This feature allows admins to modify the layout of the address fields from one column to two columns. Fields such as first and last names, the country as well as state, and so on can be displayed in a single row.

6. Responsive one-page checkout Prestashop comes with testing mode: 

This Prestashop one-page checkout module has a testing mode, which allows the administrator to test our Prestashop rapid checkout module on their live site without disrupting their current operations. Further, customers are directed to One Page Checkout Prestashop after the testing mode gets enabled. Moreover, the admin can test the addon with the assistance of a special URL that will be displayed on the admin side of our Prestashop one page checkout module.

Prestashop One Page Checkout

What are my final thoughts on Prestashop One Page Checkout?

 According to the report, 70 percent of customers quit the checkout process due to its complexity and multiple steps. Therefore, Prestashop responsive one-step checkout addon recommended. 

For any assistance regarding this module or any other module, you may drop a mail at Knowband, known for providing efficient plugins for platforms such as Opencart, Prestashop, etc. Knowband’s post-sales support is highly appreciated by customers. 

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