What is the Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration?

Etsy gives the APIs to make it simple for the store merchants to list their items to manage inventory and process orders easily. Knowband offers the Etsy PrestaShop Marketplace Integration module with the goal that the PrestaShop store admin can sell their items on the Etsy Marketplace needs not list their items on both the stages independently. Moreover, they simply need to list their items to the PrestaShop store. Etsy Integration module allows listing items automatically to the Etsy Marketplace.

Further, Knowband offers a smart answer to the PrestaShop store owners to begin selling on the Etsy Marketplace. PrestaShop Etsy Integrator is the easiest method to synchronize your PrestaShop store with the Etsy Marketplace. Etsy integration add-on utilizes the Etsy API to incorporate the PrestaShop store with the Etsy marketplace.

If it’s about the configuration of the PrestaShop Etsy Integration Module, admin requires- Etsy API key, Etsy API Secret, and Etsy API Host and after effectively configuring the module.

Prestashop store admin can undoubtedly synchronize the items, inventory, item evaluation, and the mandatory details to the Etsy marketplace in one go. Furthermore, the Prestashop Etsy Integration Module offers CRON setup for updating the products on Etsy Marketplace.

Benefits Offered By Etsy PrestaShop Integration Module:

  • With Etsy PrestaShop Integration Module, store admin can upload bulk products in only a couple of clicks.
  • Etsy PrestaShop Integration Module is an automated solution to list the products to Etsy Marketplace.
  • Permits preparing with the stock at Etsy Marketplace from the PrestaShop store itself.
  • Prestashop Etsy Integration Modulepermits viewing the sales report.
  • Customizing prices on Etsy Marketplace is easier.
  •  List products on multiple Etsy stores easily.

Key Features Of Etsy Prestashop Integration Addon

1.Etsy Prestashop Integration Addon Offers Profiles Management Feature

Etsy Store (country-wise), Currency, Language, and Shipping Profile – admin can select the basic settings with the help of profile management. Moreover,  this feature allows the store admin to add an image for each profile with the help of the size chart image feature. The image is added to the Etsy marketplace as an extra picture.

2.Offers Order Tracking

Etsy permits adding the tracking number to the orders so that clients can check the shipment status. Furthermore, the latest version of the Etsy PrestaShop Integration module helps in syncing the tracking number with Etsy orders. For enabling this feature, the store admin has to go to the General Settings of the PrestaShop Etsy Integration Module.

3.Bulk Listing Of The Products Offered by Etsy Prestashop Integration Addon

The Etsy Prestashop Integration Addon allows listing of bulk products on the e-commerce store. With the help of this extension, store admin can map the PrestaShop store category to the Etsy Marketplace category. All the products gets listed to the Etsy Marketplace under the selected Etsy category.

4.Language Translations Feature Offered By Prestashop Etsy Integration Plugin

Language translation one of the biggest features of PrestaShop Etsy Integration Extension. With the help of this feature, store admin can also select the second language for the appearance and simply synchronize it. Further, this synchronizing with the Etsy marketplace shop happens through the CRON job.

5.PrestaShop Etsy Marketplace Integration Offers Price Management

The PrestaShop Etsy Marketplace Integration Extension offers is price management feature that allows the admin to list  PrestaShop store products to the Etsy Marketplace. Moreover, the feature allows the store admin to price their products at a different price than the store price. Using the extension, the admin can increase or decrease the price range on Etsy Store.

6.Sync The Orders From Etsy Marketplace to the PrestaShop store

Prestashop Etsy integration extension order setting tab that permits the store admin to synchronize the orders from the Etsy Marketplace to the PrestaShop store. After the updation of order status on the PrestaShop store then the updated order status can be synced to the Etsy Marketplace. To achieve the same, 2 CRON are offered.

7.Provide Sync Order Status

The store admin can update the order status from the PrestaShop store once the orders get exported to the Prestashop store. On the Etsy Marketplace store admin can update the order statuses and for that admin needs to run the Sync Order Status CRON.

8.Prestashop Etsy Integration Plugin Offers List Product Feature

List product CRON will list the items from the PrestaShop Etsy Integration module to the Etsy Marketplace alongside the variations, inventory and, product description. Thus, this feature helps to list the products.

9.Sales Report Feature Offered By Etsy Prestashop Synchronization Addon

Etsy PrestaShop Integration offers with sales report tab plug-in which permits the sellers to envision the order and revenue report. Admin can check the sales report for Etsy shop orders with the help of this extension. So this will help the admin to follow the marketing chart or sales chart using PrestaShop Etsy Integration Extension.


Etsy Marketplace Integration Module makes it simple for the PrestaShop store admin to manage the product listing. This module even allows managing the inventory management on Etsy Marketplace from the Etsy Marketplace itself. Furthermore, this module helps in saving time and manage the items on PrestaShop and Etsy channels from the PrestaShop store.

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