Why Should Your Website Include the Google Custom Search Engine?

Make your website’s default search engine a Custom Search Engine (CSE) with Google Custom Search to enhance exposure and drive more traffic to your various websites.

It is feasible to present the outcomes of your entire network of websites in one location if you operate many websites on the same topic. Google Custom Search makes this easier.

What is Google Custom Search?

Google Custom Search is an excellent tool for removing results that are only pertinent to a specific domain. To

present only the products that are pertinent to your website or its offerings, it merely serves as a search bar that you may add to your website. The sought-after phrase must also be mapped to other websites.

In other words, Google Custom Search filters out all but the material that is pertinent to the newly added sites from the list of search results.

What are the Steps for Adding a Google Custom Search Engine to your website?

1. Go to the homepage for Google Custom Search

2. Select “Add.”

3. Type in the URL of your website and select “Create.” After you enter the URL, the search engine’s name will be automatically retrieved.

Congrats! We’ve developed a search engine specifically for you.

Click “Add” if you wish to add several websites.

The following actions would be taken after you have successfully constructed the custom search engine:

4. When you select “Control Panel,” a Basics tab will appear.

5. You have two ways to include the Google custom search engine into your website.

You have two options: either you click the “Get code” button, which necessitates some technical work, or you just copy the search engine ID and put it within a Google Custom Search module or plugin.

We advise using the PrestaShop Google Custom Search plugin if you have a PrestaShop website to easily add the Google Custom Search bar with just one click. It has many features that improve search functionality. Do Take a look.

I’m done now. The Google Custom Search Engine will now be visible and operational on your website.

Let’s imagine that I have the websites xyz.com and abc.com.

I pasted the search engine ID into my website and added them to the Google Custom Search. Now, only the search results falling within these two domains will be shown to the user whenever they conduct a search on my website.

Advantages of Having a Google Custom Search Engine


Now let’s return to the topic’s heading. Why should your website use the Google Custom Search Engine? What advantages do Google’s custom search engines offer?

Simple to Use and Customize

Did you find it difficult to use the following procedures to implement the Google CSE on your website? You didn’t, and I’m pretty sure of it.

It is not particularly complex. It only new simple measures to be taken. The custom search bar and search results can also be tailored to your preferences. With our PrestaShop Google Custom Search addon, customization and implementation have become far too simple.

Increases your Website’s Overall Traffic and Visibility

Since the results are restricted to particular domains, Google Custom Search has the potential to increase the traffic and visibility of your websites. Google Custom Search makes sure that results that could have otherwise been overlooked are shown through the custom search engine as it presents the global results.


As soon as a person begins typing their search query, the autocomplete feature immediately offers them the appropriate results. Through the Control Panel, this can be activated.

In addition to autocompleting, Google Custom Search includes many other incredible capabilities, such as the ability to alter the background color of the search results page, image search, autocorrect, and font styles available. You can even get rid of the Google branding.

You can keep track of what your users are searching for with Google Custom Search as well.


The┬ádelivers appropriate results that are pertinent to a user’s query because it makes use of Google’s search algorithms.

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