Benefits of PrestaShop Product Availability Check by Zipcode Addon

With the help of Prestashop Availability Check by Zip Code Addon, the buyers can check the availability of the product in a specific area by using its Zip Code. ThisPrestashop Zipcode validator will facilitate the work of customers to check the accessibility of the item in a specific area before placing an order.

Features of  Prestashop Shipping rate by zipcode

1. PrestaShop delivery cost by post code Addon displays a popup for the zipcode.

With the help of this addon, the admin can show a popup on the website when the client visits the home page.

2. This addon checks block on the product page:

The PrestaShop module includes a block on the item pages to allow the clients to enter a postal code zip code and check the delivery accessibility of the item in that particular region.

3. Disabled products:

If the PrestaShop store admin does not want to show this Availability Check by Zip Code functionality on certain products, At that point, he/she can add these items into disabling items from the back office of the module.

4. PrestaShop Shipment charge by zipcode Addon provides easy management of shipping availability:

With the PrestaShop Availability check by postal code, the admin can confine the delivery availability for particular postal codes.

5. ZipCode Auto-fill Feature offered by PrestaShop Zipcode wise shipping cost Addon :

The autofill feature of the PrestaShop Product Availability addon consequently fills the zip code field for the clients and checks product accessibility for each item you visit on the store.

6. This addon offers ‘Check Cart’ Functionality:

If the product is not available in a certain location, then the product won’t be accessible for checkout if the ‘Check Cart’ is enabled from the back office.

7. Installation and Configuration:

This PrestaShop plugin is not difficult to install and configure.

8. Multi-store and PrestaShop theme compatibility:

PrestaShop Product Availability addon is multi-store compatible and is highly compatible with all PrestaShop themes. This is also compatible with different languages.

Prestashop Shipping Cost by Post Code Addon benefits to the merchant

  • The Prestashop Prestashop Shipping Cost by Zipcode addon offers the admin to show the number of days with the conveyance date of the item if the item is accessible.
  • Admin can search, edit, modify zones using Prestashop Product Postal Code Validator Addon.
  • PrestaShop Shipping Cost by location admin can search, edit, modify zip-codes.
  • PrestaShop admin can modify Product-Zone Mapping.
  • This Prestashop module saves clients from the disappointment of finding the delivery at the later part of the checkout process.
  • Prestashop zipcode validator module assists with improving the site’s UX by giving a speedy delivery check on the product page itself.
  • The Prestashop product availability module allows your customers to know about the estimated date of shipping.
  • The Prestashop Shipping Cost by country saves cost on Shipping by confining an item’s delivery to the restricted Regions/Zones as it were.

Prestashop Availability Check by Zipcode Addon benefits to Customers

  • Customers without much of a stretch can check the availability of an item at any location at any area just by entering its Zip-code.
  • With the help of Prestashop Product Postal Code Validator, clients can know the estimated date of delivery of the product.
  • To find out the shipping availability customers need not go to the checkout page.
  • With the help of Prestashop Availability Check by Zipcode Addon, buyers can know the date of delivery of the product in advance from the respective product page itself.​

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