What is the Prestashop Marketplace Addon all about?

Do you know about the Prestashop Marketplace Addon by Knowband? Do you know what the plugin does for your eCommerce business?

This blog will talk about everything that makes the concept of the Prestashop marketplace clear for you.

Let us go forth and check it out.

What is the Prestashop Marketplace Addon all about?

  • The working of the Prestashop Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module

The tool that helps eCommerce marketers turn their businesses into verifiable marketplaces is the Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin by Knowband. It is the most restricted approach to breaking the cycle as a whole. Start managing and controlling the Prestashop marketplace activities as well. So, you do, kind of, know what’s happening with the Prestashop Multi seller Marketplace module right now, don’t you?

  • What would be the best way to introduce and set up the Prestashop Marketplace?

The Multi-seller Marketplace by Knowband may be introduced using 3 fundamental steps. Download, transmission, and introduction are included in the methods. When you need to go through the entire establishment and setup process, the User Manual comes in handy. The brief list of establishing methods is as follows:

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  • What should one do follow the launch of the Prestashop Marketplace Addon?

The administrator’s best next step would be the design. However, the interaction described by the word setup is somewhat lengthy. Why? Additionally, the layout of your Prestashop marketplace will determine how it functions. You may, for instance, allow anyone to sell without looking at their registration procedures. The payment interaction can also be automated or performed manually. As a result, there are several considerations you should make for your Prestashop Marketplace Module.

  • The examination of seller registrations

The vendors fill out the registration form found at the front. The clients can also fill out a comparable structure. The crucial caveat in this situation is that the administrator must review the registrations. Select the applications that can convert into sellers and those that cannot.

seller front end demo of Prestashop Marketplace Addon

  • Laying down the ground rules for the sellers and observing their activities

With the help of the Prestashop Marketplace Plugin, the administrator may accomplish a lot. Give the vendors dashboards to further allow them to sell. The dashboards are a secure location where vendors may manage their profiles and other items.

Knowband prestashop marketplace

  • Addressing the monetization strategies

The revenue models’ rules can be established by the administrator. For instance, the administrator can decide how much each seller will pay for their product listings. The other two income models also include membership plans and deciding on an order commission rate. The administrator may require as many participation plans as necessary. The vendors can go over the various membership options. Additionally, the administrator’s commission rate may be set globally or rate-wise for the sellers.

  • Approvals of categories

Seller requests for optional categories may be approved by the administrator. The crucial category that the administrator provides to the vendors. Additionally, if the seller believes that more items belong in different groups, he can submit a request to the administrator.

  • Templates for emails built-in

What is the Prestashop Marketplace Addon all about?

The Prestashop Multi Vendor Marketplace Module includes 30 pre-built email templates that serve as the basis for communication among Prestashop marketplace participants. There is an email for each viewpoint, whether it be informing the administrator about the seller registrations, clients about the progress of their requests, or even the sellers about the orders approved.

These were a few of the things the admin might perform following the formation.

In the End

So, what do you think of the Prestashop marketplace addon by Knowband? Do you wish to convert your store into a marketplace? Let us know your queries at support@knowband.com.

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