How essential is Prestashop next product addon for a website?

Prestashop next product addon recommended due to several reasons, easier navigation is one of them. There is no difference between a website with disorganized navigation and a person driving somewhere with hazy directions, both are clueless because the route is hard to follow. Hence it’s important to have navigation bars on your website as it makes navigation simpler for clients.

What are navigation bars?

Menus or Navigation bars are groups of links that are either placed vertically on the left or horizontally near the top and footer of the web page. Organized and easy-to-follow navigation on the results improves the entire user experience. 

Prestashop next product addon

Prestashop next product addon is essential for store merchants as it makes navigation easier for the clients. Furthermore, without clicking on the respective buttons the Prestashop paginator permit store customers to view both previous and next products. Customers, with the assistance of the Prestashop Previous Next Product Addon, can view the Previous and Next products of the same category. Just by clicking on the previous and next buttons on the product page, clients can view both previous and next items of the same category.

Prestashop next product addon

This Prestashop addon offers great features and benefits to both- clients and store merchants. this addon leads to better customer engagement and higher revenue.

Features offered by Prestashop next product addon

1.Enable/disable the addon

Prestashop Previous Next Product Addon is enabled and disabled anytime. Furthermore, the admin can even enable/disable the navigation of the items using arrow keys on the keyboard. One can pick from different button types- image or button. 

2.Previous next button Prestashop is mobile responsive and compatible

Previous Next button Prestashop is multi-store compatible and mobile responsive. Mobile responsive means, a website optimized as functional as well as aesthetically pleasing on different devices and of different sizes. 

Prestashop next product addon

3.Inbuilt arrow images

This Prestashop module offers inbuilt seven arrow images from which store merchants can easily pick. 

4.Swipe left or right

With the assistance of Prestashop previous product addon, clients can easily swipe left or right to see the next product on mobile devices. Furthermore, this plugin permits store clients to use left as well as right arrow keys to see adjacent products. 

Prestashop next product addon

Benefits offered by Prestashop next product addon to customers

Prestashop paginator addon offers both a simple and appealing interface to the customers. Using this addon, clients can easily navigate the Previous and Next products of the same category. Along with the above benefits, this plugin is mobile responsive and compatible with all browsers. Further, a better shopping experience expected by shoppers. Prestashop Previous Next Product Addon enhances the shopping experience of store customers by offering them a quick view option to the website.


Considering the features and benefits of Prestashop’s Previous Next Product Addon, this is a great addon. 

Easier navigation is essential as it increases the time a visitor or client stays on the website. Furthermore, this addon permits clients more time to explore, navigate your website and even know more about your website. Because Prestashop next product addon increases the customer engagement on the website, it decreases the bounce rate. 

Bounce rate is calculated when a client visits a single page on site and performs zero activity on the page before leaving. Knowband Prestashop Previous Next Product Addon allows dealers to change the look just as the vibe of previous and next buttons according to the necessities.

Why Knowband Prestashop Previous Next Product Addon?

Knowband, known for offering best-in-class plugins to store merchants of different platforms. Platforms including Opencart, Prestashop, WooCommerce, and Magneto. Along with efficient modules, Knowband offers efficient post-sales support to the customers. Therefore, you may write a mail to Knowband experts at 

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