Top 10 reasons to Choose Prestashop Private shop addon

The eCommerce storekeeper can make his private shop and control the sales of the store items. Knowband offers PrestaShop Private Shop Addon which permits the eCommerce store owner to make the entire site a private store. Moreover, the store admin can either privatize the store items, category or pages too. With the assistance of this Prestashop Private shop addon, the store admin can drive the clients to log in or register to visit the eCommerce store or specific section.

Prestashop Private Shop Module

Reasons To Choose Prestashop, Private Shop Addon

Reason 1: Prestashop Private shop addon allows privatizing the eCommerce store

Several eCommerce stores privatize their stores using addons. If store merchants are looking for an addon that can help in privatizing the entire store or specific category of products, Prestashop Private shop addon is the right alternative.

Prestashop Private shop addon permit store merchants to privatize the complete online shop. Store merchants can privatize the speci8fic category or product, if not the entire store. Once login/signup successfully, there will be no restrictions for the store customers. Moreover, with the Private Shop Prestashop module, owners can make selected products, categories, and pages private. Also, the admin can allow Google to crawl the private pages by enabling the settings.

Prestashop Private Shop Module

Reason 2: Prestashop Private shop addon allows customization 

Prestashop Private shop addon is highly customizable. Furthermore, it offers an easy look and feel of the login/signup form. Furthermore, using this addon, the eCommerce store admin can change the position of the login/signup form. Store merchants can place it either in left, right, or center. Moreover, this plugin offers two types of themes- default and modern login/signup. Hence, the admin can change the look accordingly. 

Private Shop Prestashop module allows setting the login/signup page title text in different languages. It even permits the store owner to set an image, color, video as the login/signup form background.  

Reason 3: Allows admin to hide or show logo

The Restrict categories and products module allows the admin to show or hide the logo in the login or signup form. The admin can set the opacity of the login/signup form from the admin panel of the Private shop module. The eCommerce store merchant can display or hide the customer registration option on the frontend using Prestashop Private shop module.

Reason 4: Validate a new account

Restrict categories and products allows the store owner to validate the new account. This allows the store owner to manage the setting to validate the new account in both ways -automatically or manually accordingly. Moreover, this allows the merchant to keep track of the private customers and view their details from the admin interface. 

The store owner can verify the newly registered account from the admin interface.

Prestashop Private Shop Module

Reason 5: Compatibility

The Prestashop Private shop module is recommended for eCommerce stores as its multi-lingual and multi-store compatible. The Prestashop Private shop module is SSL compatible too.

Reason 6: Easy to install and configure

Prestashop Private shop module requires zero coding knowledge therefore, store merchants can easily install as well as configure this addon without any hassle.

Reason 7: Beneficial to customers

Besides merchants, the addon is beneficial to customers as well. They can view the store products as well as visit the store after login/signup.

Reason 8: Offers mobile responsive layout

For better customer engagement, it’s important to have an eCommerce store that is mobile responsive. Restrict categories and products are great for your online store as it offers a mobile responsive layout. This module makes it easy to view the functionality on mobile devices also. Further, this addon makes login/sign-up easy as well as hassle-free for the clients.

Reason 10: Offers great shopping experience

Prestashop Private shop addon provides an attractive front-end interface. This results in a better store experience.


Why Knowband Prestashop Private shop addon?

Knowband has been providing high-in-class extensions for an eCommerce store. Further, Knowband offers plugins for Prestashop as well. To purchase any module or even this module, you can visit And for any query regarding modules, you can write them at

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