Make product returns a piece of cake with Prestashop Return Manager

It is an obvious fact that when customers purchase products, there are times when customers need to return the products purchased for various reasons. Managing orders and fulfilling customer’s solicitations are authentically not a basic endeavour. Considering customer rights in the EU, each eCommerce platform needs a basic return manager to keep up the records and tending to customer’s prerequisites. EU has a strategy that a customer can request a return or refund for an imperfect product within 14 days after purchase. As an eCommerce owner, it may sound monotonous and time taking.

Do whatever it takes not to stretch! The PrestaShop Return Manager manages all the limits expected to cancel the order returns. With additional features portrayed under, this new form gives a user-friendly experience to eCommerce store owners and customers. Having the Prestashop RMA on your website is a success for both you and your customers.

What are the new features in the Prestashop return manager Extension?

Customer retention is a seller’s need and he can do it with customer satisfaction. PrestaShop Return Manager module goes with a basic cancel request format with multiple returns and revocation strategies for a customer.

Permits fractional or complete order replacement

The store admin would now have the option to allow online customers to pick things from their orders for replacement. For this purpose, the Prestashop return product addon is helpful. Online customers can even request for returning the whole order if they need to do in that capacity. They would now have the option to pick all the products from the summary. This forms the convenience rate.

The store admin can add Custom Field with the Return Manager for Prestashop

This refreshed version of the Prestashop order return manager Extension allows an online vendor to make custom fields. Online store owners can create a couple of custom fields from the Prestashop return manager Module admin interface. The store owner may set custom field block names, apply for approvals, and in like manner set default approvals (at whatever point required). The store admin can make however many fields as required. He/she can set a default worth and approval type also.

The benefits of the PrestaShop Return Manager module for the store proprietors

    1. The Prestashop order return manager Addon simplifies it to handle the returns of customers.
    2. The PrestaShop RMA helps assemble customer dependability.
  1. The possibility of tolerating “Store Credits” for a defective product helps with improving purchaser upkeep.
  2. The admin can fix the product issues by understanding the return reasons. Therefore, the admin can ask the purpose behind returning the product.
  3. Thanks to the guide of the Prestashop order return manager Module, the store admin will find the particular issue in the product by giving customers the decision of transferring the picture of harmed or faulty products.
  4. With 6 distinctive email designs in the Prestashop order refund addon, the work for the admin gets simpler.
  5. With Prestashop return order addon, by adding custom fields you can accumulate more information from the customer.
  6. Accommodating highlights of the Prestashop order return manager addon.

Additional features of the Return Manager for Prestashop

1. The straightforward return request choice

Some other features make this addon more advantageous and user-friendly. Equally important, the module urges the store proprietor to perceive the return purposes for customers and permits you to raise a return request to help your customer. Because of a quick and convincing intersection-out strategy, customers will undoubtedly return to your platform.

2. Pre-designed email layouts

All around designed email layouts emerged as an appealing component. In like manner, the pre-formatted email design alternative gives the admin to straightforwardly send an email to both parties when one raises the request. In addition, it refreshes the customer at each period of their sales. There are 6 different email designs as indicated by the necessities.

3. Investigating the return requests at one spot

Managing an eCommerce store with fewer undertakings takes after a cherry on the cake and this dazzling Prestashop addon does that. It causes you to manage all the return requests in a single spot. You can find forthcoming return records, dynamic return records, and canceled return records through a .csv archive when required.

4. Compliant with GDPR Module

The Prestashop order return manager Extension is compliant with GDPR. Right when you are using the GDPR module, both the customer and the admin will need to get to the information of the return request. In addition, the customer can request the admin to dispose of individual information from their shop.

In conclusion

The Prestashop order refund addon is an interesting and supportive apparatus for the eCommerce store owner to manage the return and cancel the solicitations at the backend. In fact, an issue-free return strategy pulls in purchasers and gains the customer’s trust. Accessible at the Addons store, you check out the module for your website’s prosperity. In conclusion, check out the User Manual to know more about the Prestashop addon.

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