Why PrestaShop Spin and Win Addon is a must have Addon ?

The competition is increasing day by day in the e-commerce world. Therefore, to increase the relationship between the customer and e-commerce sellers merchants must focus on customer engagement. The classic email subscription pop-ups and messages are one annoying factor hence merchants need to understand the need for responsive and some modern featured modules. Therefore PrestaShop Spin and Win module designed by Knowband should be used by store owners.

This module increases the engagement of customers in your online store. The Responsive and interactive fun-filled Spin Wheel is an effortless way to compel the visitors of the website to enter the email ids. PrestaShop Spin and Win Email Subscription Popup help in making the website attractive and appealing to the customers visiting your e-commerce store. With the help of this module, store owners can design wheel based on the occasions like Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Also, store owners get the freedom to preview themes to the online store owners.

Features of Prestashop Spin and Win Addon

  • 3 in 1 pop up module. This module includes features such as entry pop up, exit pop up, and email subscription pop up.
  • An interactive fun-filled gamified spin and win contest urges the user to enter the email Ids.
  • An effortless way to grab the attention of the customer towards the online store.
  • Prestashop subscription pop up Addon encourages PrestaShop admin to expand the traffic to the online store.
  • Build the trust of the customers.
  • Prestashop Entry Popup Addon raises customer engagement with the website, resulting in a positive impact on sales.
  • The customer shopping experience becomes better as the coupon gets generated easily and can be used on the checkout page.
  • PrestaShop Spin and Win Module is easy to use in the back-end interface.

Prestashop Newsletter Subscription popup addon admin benefits

  • The interactive addon can be used as an Entry pop-up, Exit popup, and Email subscription popup.
  • The interactive fun-filled gamified spin and wheel contest impels the visitors to enter their email ids.
  • It’s effortless to attract the customer towards your online store.
  • Prestashop Spin Wheel Addon helps the admin to increase the customer base by capturing or getting the email ids of the users.
  • Prestashop Spin and Win Addon increase the trust of users in your store.
  • Prestashop Entry Pop-Up Addon increases the customer’s engagement, which has a high impact on sales of your online store.
  • The Prestashop Spin Wheel can be customized as per the requirements of the admin or owner and also as per the theme of your online store.
  • Prestashop Exit Intent Pop up is extremely easy to use at the intuitive back-end interface.
  • The responsive newsletter popup addon does not conflict with any other Prestashop addon.
  • Subscription pop up addon have the feature of fixed coupon generation, by using this admin can limit the compatibility of spin and win coupon with other cart rules.

Prestashop Interactive pop up addon customers benefits

  • The responsive and interactive Entry pop-up provides the amount of discount to the customers without annoying them.
  • PrestaShop entry popup offers a way to get various types of discount offers and various prizes.
  • Prestashop Responsive pop up addon Popup can effortlessly add the fun factor to give a better shopping experience to the customers.
  • The customers will get regular notifications to keep them reminded of the offers they have won.
  • The coupon code can easily get redeemed by the customers on the checkout page to get the avail themselves of the benefits.
  • With the direct e-coupon generation facility, the customers can easily get the coupon code without filling in any type of information.

To know more about the installation and the process happens on the back-end, feel free to contact us at support@Knowband.com.

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