Advantages of Spin and Win module for the Online Stores!

For eCommerce marketers, the Prestashop Spin and Win Addon are great helpful alternatives. Many marketers have found it to be a useful solution. Positive outcomes, however, won’t start showing up until the plugin has been properly adjusted. The Prestashop subscription pop-up addon focuses on displaying a spinning wheel on the store’s front end that offers users a one-time chance to win incentives and prizes.

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The Prestashop Spin and Win Addon use gamification to help store owners increase their email lists and potential clientele for their eCommerce business. The Prestashop Spin and win popup can be shown to customers at the entrance or exit. The Prestashop Spin and Win module gives the owner the ability to place the popup wherever they want on the website. The Prestashop Exit Intent popup plugin successfully directs clients to the checkout page with various wonderful offers. This extension makes entering the email a fun time for the customers.

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The Prestashop Email Subscription pop-up addon’s benefits for your online store admin is mentioned in this article.

Improves website traffic

An excellent and attractive user interface can attract more visitors. The site’s appearance and feel might entice visitors to stay in the store although many other factors affect their decision to buy. 

Any boring or monotonous-looking website can discourage your target audience’s desire to browse it. 

Customers get the motivation to return to your website due to the way of offering incentives. Everyone wants free coupons for themselves. The entire scenario is set up to give the customer the impression that they have struck a deal or arrangement. And this is the best way to get them to turn the wheel.

Better engagement with customers

A better user interface, as said before in the article, is an easy way to keep the visitors linked for a longer time. When everything is said and done, a coupon for a discount is useless to the buyers, but there are amazing ways to receive similar offers that are beneficial. 

By adding a spin-and-win module to your online business, you may easily lower visitors’ exit expectations. The path to more noticeable conversions is through more notable consumer engagement. As a result, the entertaining Spin Wheel Addon substitute will finally increase your conversions.

Theme Settings

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Various themes for various occasions

With the Knowband Subscription pop-up extension, the administrator can quickly change the spin wheel’s theme. Additionally, he can select quickly from the several holiday themes or basic themes. There might be a Halloween theme, Christmas theme, Valentine’s Day theme, and more.

Theme planning

The admin can schedule the theme to save time and effort with the Email Subscription pop-up plugin. He can plan the subject far in advance so that there won’t be any rush at the last minute. Thus, he has the flexibility to alter the theme at any time thanks to the module. Additionally, the admin can set a theme’s expiration date, after which the theme will revert to its default state.

Reduces the bounce rate as a result of annoying pop-ups

The pop-up is useful to monitor visitor exit rates without irritating them. One way to stop users from leaving a website without annoying them is with a Prestashop Exit Intent Pop Up. The ability of the business owners to regulate the frequency of the wheel display is the best feature of this spin and win module. As a result, the attractive spin and win module reduces bounce and departure rates. The likelihood of conversions increases the longer visitors stay on the website.

Winding Up

Since you are aware of the many ways that the Prestashop Email Subscription pop-up addon can benefit your online store. It is unquestionably a must. Check out Knowband’s Prestashop Spin and Win module to grow your company faster than ever before.

If you have any queries or concerns related to the module then please contact us at If you need to do any modifications to your website or any changes are required then also, we will assist you with the process.

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