Prestashop Infinite Scroll module enhances shopping experience

The Prestashop infinite scroll module is a worthy number when you are looking forward to engaging more visitors on your eCommerce. In addition, if you want them to spend more time on the website, it is a great choice. It is very important for your visitors to come aboard, spend quality time and find the user experience worthy in order for them to convert or be potential customers. The Prestashop quick scroll addon is what makes sure that your visitors find the website appealing.  In fact, it engages them while browsing the products or services.

The Prestashop fast scrolling addon provides a smooth and break-free experience to the visitors while scrolling through the products on your website. Rather than investing in the old-school pagination, the Prestashop module provides infinite scrolling.  Where in the former, the visitors have to click on the ‘next page’ button after a number of products, the latter loads the next page products on the same page without any clicking.

So, now the question is – how does Prestashop Infinite Scroll module enhance the shopping experience at your store?

Let us take a look at the aspects that make Prestashop infinite scroll module the reason for an enhanced shopping experience at your store.

Why have the Prestashop list view scrolling addon?

  • The infinite scrolling

The very first reason that enhances the experience of the first-time visitors, as well as the customers, is the infinite scrolling offered by the Prestashop fast scroll addon. Pagination forces the visitors to click on the next page buttons in order to take them to the next set of products or services. On the contrary, with infinite scrolling, the experience is much smoother and more seamless. It is more like browsing Facebook or Instagram where infinite scrolling has been installed. In fact, while browsing on a website with infinite scrolling, the visitors forget the time and spends more time than he/she would have on the store.

  • The loading speed

With pagination, the speed of the loading website might hamper and the visitors would leave irritated. As a result, they might probably never come back. At the same time, when the visitors are on the same page and the next set of products are loading, it takes less time. As a result, it gives no or minimum time for the visitor to think that he/she should take off from the website.

  • The intimation of page end

It gets really surprised when the page end comes without any intimation. It is always better for the visitors to know that there are no more products to be shown on the website. The Prestashop infinite scroll addon provides a message at the end of the page – That’s All Folks. When there are no products to be shown, the message is displayed and it lets the visitors know that it is finally the end of the page.

  • Go to the top button

While scrolling the page and seeing the products, there comes a time when the visitors think that they found a good product but were on the top of the page. Conversely in pagination, they have to manually scroll all the way up. However, with Prestashop quick scroll module, they can go right on the top – thanks to the Go To Top button that once clicked will take them straight on the top of the page.


Well, these are the ways that the Prestashop infinite scroll addon helps build the shopping experience of your customers and builds engagement as well. The Prestashop Infinite scrolling addon is a perfect addition to your eCommerce store. It helps your visitors browse without any interruption and increase the conversion rate. Know more about the Prestashop addon by following the links below:

User manual

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