Launch a Multi-vendor Marketplace for your PrestaShop Store in 2021

Online Marketplace demand graph is rising every day. There is no denial of the fact that the top successful online stores are mostly the Marketplaces. A Multi-Vendor marketplace with multiple sellers and a variety of choices to choose from is one of the favourites among the buyers. Similarly having a mobile app for the Multi-Seller Marketplaces is like having a cheery on the cake. Especially, during these times, when the majority of people prefer to stay indoors and shop online, creating their own marketplace is opening doors for various opportunities at the same time. Well, to ease the process, we have some readymade solutions to convert the PrestaShop store into an online Marketplace.

The Best ways to Launch a Marketplace are:

1. For an online store owner, the Prestashop Marketplace extension offers a perfect way to transform the single vendor store in the most perfect way. In 3 simple steps, your Prestashop Marketplace store will be ready to use. The Marketplace built using the multi-seller Marketplace enables the sellers to have a mobile app for Android/ iOS users. The Multi-seller Marketplace offers full support to the mobile app builder plugin.

2. Another best solution to upgrade your online store into a fully-functional Etsy, eBay like Marketplace is by using the advanced Marketplace extension. The advanced Marketplace extension is a combo pack of Marketplace and the mobile app. Using the advanced module, the store owners can not only build the Marketplace but can have a mobile app for their store.

3. The Multi-seller Marketplace Gold plan for Prestashop e-store owners provides the Prestashop admin Marketplace modules along with Marketplace CSV import/export plugin, Marketplace Customer-Seller Ticket Addon, Marketplace Deal Manager module, Marketplace Seller Invoice, Marketplace Sellers-Admin Ticket System, Marketplace Low Stock Alert, Review Reminder and Incentive. The Gold plan modules offer all the basic features of the PrestaShop Marketplace module along with the other features of supportive marketplace modules.

These marketplace plugins will enable the admin to automatically build an Amazon-like Marketplace for their Prestashop store. The Multi-Seller Marketplace build using any of these multi-vendor modules are full-fledged and offer complete control via the admin panel.

The Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace will enable the store owners to reach all possible target audiences with fewer efforts. The store owners can use the marketplace plugin to launch their Android & iOS Apps.

Major Features of the Prestashop Marketplace are:


1. Individual Dashboards:

Both Prestashop admin and sellers enrolled at the Prestashop Marketplace will have their separate panel to manage and monitor the inventories, orders, reviews, profiles, shipping services etc. at the Marketplace

2. Easy Seller Registration:

The PrestaShop Multi-Seller Marketplace offers the users an easy seller registration process. The sellers can send their account registration request from the front end of the store. Only after the account registration request is accepted by the admin, sellers can start selling goods at the Marketplace. Limit on Seller account request is pre-set by the store admin from the admin panel.

3. The Customer turned seller Registration:

Prestashop Marketplace store admin can allow the customers to set-up their shops at the Marketplace. Seller account requests can be sent from the My Account section of the customer.

4. All Payment and Shipping Method Support:

The PrestaShop Multi-vendor Marketplace offers all website payment & shipping methods support. Sellers can also add their custom shipping options. Availability of multiple shipping and payment options eases the shopping process and offers a smooth shopping experience to the buyers.

5. All Product Support:

The Prestashop Marketplace module offers all product type supports. Sellers can easily sell their virtual, single, bundled, and configured products on the Multi-Seller Marketplace. All the seller products listed at the Marketplace are first approved by admin from the backend panel.

6. Email Templates:

Prestashop Multi-Vendor Marketplace offers Multiple email templates to the sellers to keep them updated about the various activities at the Marketplace. Store owners can customize these templates from the admin panel of the store.

7. Seller Profiles:

Sellers can easily add their store banner, logo, contact details, social login account details etc from the seller dashboards.

8. Seller Orders:

All the orders received at the online Marketplace can be easily monitored and managed by the Prestashop admin from the admin panel of the store. If order handling is enabled by the store owners, the sellers can easily update their order status from the seller dashboard.

9. Seller and Products Reviews:

Prestashop Marketplace admin can directly monitor the valuable feedback shared by the buyers from the frontend of the Marketplace. Customers can share the seller and seller product feedback from the frontend. These reviews and ratings can be approved and disapproved by the admin from the backend.

10. Membership Plans:

Prestashop store admin can now add a subscription type service to their stores. These services will act as a new source of income for the admin. All-new, as well as existing sellers, will need to buy the plans to list and sell the products. A plan expiry warning message will be shared with the sellers when the membership plan is about to expire.

11. Transaction transparency:

All the transaction details, seller earnings, admin earning, the commission can be easily monitored from the admin panel. Sellers can also view their earnings and admin commissions from the seller dashboard.

12. Mobile app compatibility:

Mobile app support will enhance the reach of the store. A marketplace mobile app will increase the customer shopping experience as most of the users prefer to shop from mobile than using the desktop.


In short, we can conclude that a marketplace not only benefits the admin but also the customers and buyers. A multi-seller marketplace will all the above-listed features will definitely enable the admin to target a wide customer base and enhance its customer retention rate and sales.

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