Amazing features of PrestaShop Multi-Seller Marketplace Addon

An online shop enables global sellers to list and sell their goods on a common platform. This way buyers get the opportunity to choose from a wide range of products from multiple third-party sellers at a single website. To be a seller on the marketplace, a user needs to register and get the admin approval for listing and selling at the online shopping mall. Thus marketplace can enable small-scale sellers to connect with a wide range of customers without worrying about the complexities of launching a website and managing the online shop. In the same way, in a marketplace, the store admin can manage and earn a huge profit by selling a variety of third-party sellers goods. A store admin without investing in inventories can earn by charging commissions to sellers. The presence of multiple sellers at the online Marketplace offers a better multiple choice to choose from and thus offering an amazing shopping experience to the customers.

PrestaShop Marketplace Addon by Knowband offers an exceptional way to upgrade the online shop into Multi-Seller Marketplace. Using the Multi-Seller Marketplace, the store admin can transform the small online store in 3 simple steps. Nowadays users prefer desktop websites to mobile devices. Thus having a mobile app for the online store will assist in bringing more traffic to the store. PrestaShop Multi-Vendor Marketplace Addon offers full mobile app support thus bringing potential customers to the store.

Major features of PrestaShop Multi-Seller Marketplace Addon are:

  1. “N” number of users can easily register their stores at the Marketplace. Sellers at the online store have to fill a simple form at the front end. The account registration request submitted by the sellers gets listed at the admin panel of the store. Store owner can approve or disapprove the request from the backend,
  2. Multi-Seller Marketplace Addon offers individual dashboards to the sellers and admin to monitor and update the product listings, shipping methods and orders.
  3. Approved Sellers can only list and sell the products at the Multi-Vendor Marketplace. Products listed by the sellers are first approved by the admin from the backend.
  4. Sellers can update the seller’s profiles, social accounts links, shop logo and banners from the seller dashboard.
  5. Sellers and Admin orders received at the Marketplace gets listed in the order tab of the admin panel. PrestaShop Marketplace admin can view and update the order status from the admin panel.
  6. PrestaShop Multi-Vendor Marketplace allows the sellers to update the order status from the seller dashboard if the order handling feature is enabled at the admin panel.
  7. Customers at the Marketplace can share their feedback about products and sellers listed at the Marketplace.
  8. Seller earnings, commissions and total earnings can be easily tracked from the admin panel of the store.
  9. All product type is supported by the multi-seller marketplace addon
  10. Custom shipping methods can be created by the sellers from the seller dashboard.

To know in-depth about the PrestaShop Multi-Seller Marketplace addon working, installation and features please refer to the user guide.

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