Prestashop eBay Marketplace integration Make Product Listing Simple

Being a store merchant, if you are looking for a module that can help in listing items, oversee stock, and cycle orders, Prestashop eBay Marketplace integration is the right extension for your eCommerce store. By utilizing these APIs, Knowband offers the eBay PrestaShop Marketplace connector module with the goal that the PrestaShop store admin who is selling their items on the eBay Marketplace needs not to list their items on both the stages independently. They simply need to list their items to the PrestaShop store and by utilizing the eBay Integration module these items will get naturally inclined to the eBay Marketplace.

How does it work?

Prestashop eBay Marketplace integration is easy to install and configure it and in case of any difficulty, store admin can take help of the user manual which includes step-by-step configuration details. The user manual includes configuration details of the eBay PrestaShop Connector module.

Following the steps, once the configuration gets completed admin can use the eBay integration module resulting in the listing process that can be automated.

Setup – Store admin needs to generate the API keys for setting up the eBay PrestaShop Integration Module. For API keys, the admin can look for the user manual. Once the admin has completed the setup process, managing the eBay store, eBay store listing, inventory, and orders from the PrestaShop store become easier.

Prestashop eBay Marketplace integration comes with various features such as a bulk listing of the products within few clicks, offers an automated solution for listing the products to eBay Marketplace, managing inventory at eBay Marketplace from PrestaShop store, etc. Besides that, it has some major features to offer to store admin.

Features Of Prestashop eBay Marketplace integration

1. Price Management

The eBay PrestaShop Integration module permits the PrestaShop store admin to list the products from the PrestaShop store to the eBay Marketplace at an unexpected cost if compared with PrestaShop store price. The extension offers the option of listing the products at a lower or higher price based on fixed or percentage-wise.

2. Return Management

The store admin can configure the returns option from the PrestaShop eBay Marketplace Connector Module in the return management feature. PrestaShop eBay Connector Module permits store owner to define the Return Description, Return Duration, Type of Return, Return Shipping will be paid alternative.

3. Can Map Different Payment Methods

With the help of this extension, store admin can plan the payment methods to the eBay store. The available payment methods are listed on the profile management page of the PrestaShop eBay Integration module. This even allows admin to select different payment methods so that these methods can be synced with the eBay marketplace.

4. Category Mapping

To list the PrestaShop store items to the eBay Marketplace, the PrestaShop store admin needs to design the PrestaShop store class. This has to done to the most important eBay Store classification. Hence, the PrestaShop store items can be designed to the eBay class. For the Category Mapping, the eBay PrestaShop Integration addon offers a simple interface to the store admin.

5. List Products

The list products CRON helps in listing products from the PrestaShop eBay Integration module to the eBay Marketplace. Including the variations, inventory and product description. Once the product listing completed, the store admin can view the status of the products. The eBay PrestaShop Connector addon offers the listing of the individual products and the bulk listing feature.

6. Shipping Template Management

The shipping template management feature allows the admin to create the shipping profiles from here. Shipping profiles created are mapped to the different profiles, created under the Profiles Management. Once the store admin creates the shipping profiles, the eBay PrestaShop Connector Module will request to synchronize the shipping profile to eBay. These delivery profiles used to make profiles for bulk uploading of the products.

7. Offers Synchronization

The eBay PrestaShop Integrator module comes with a synchronization tab offering CRON settings, used to automate the product listing and order management. Moreover, the CRON settings mentioned on the page great for each activity. To add the CRON, the instructions are mentioned on the synchronization page of the eBay PrestaShop Module.


Therefore, the Prestashop eBay Marketplace integration from Knowband is something which we suggest to store admin as they provide free installation and configuration services for the modules. Also, Knowband is one of the known faces in the e-commerce development industry. In case of any queries regarding the module, installation merchants can write to

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