Leverage Benefits of PrestaShop PWA for eCommerce

The eCommerce store merchants are always in the search of ways to improve conversions and sales. The Android and iOS apps are one such solution that can bring potential clients and exposure on the mobile, but they come with obligations and restrictions of Google Play and Apple store. Often, the app size and performance are also not very smooth for the native apps and these are some basic needs of shopping apps. The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App is one such fruitful alternative for eCommerce websites.

The Progressive Web App is the best possible solution for this. The PWA mobile apps are the latest trend and getting more popular nowadays. Also, many eCommerce store merchants have already adopted this and are considering the PWA as an app for the future. Moreover, the PrestaShop Progressive Web App did its job exactly what it meant to be. It provides the exact native-like experience to the customer without the dependency on any third-party medium. The Progressive Web App can be easily installed on mobile devices by clicking on “Add to Home Screen Pop-up” on the website. The pop-up will come automatically whenever any user browses the website on a mobile browser.  

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Major Benefits of PrestaShop Progressive Web App:

1. Proper Branding

The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to do proper branding in the app in order to improve business visibility. Many big enterprises chose a Progressive Web App because it allows the store admin to launch the app under its brand name. The store admin can add the desired logo, banner, name, images, splash screen and etc. 

2. Handy Admin Panel Control

A user-friendly admin panel is available with PrestaShop PWA App Maker for managing and configuring the Progressive Web App. The store owner can simply make the necessary changes in the admin panel and update them on the PWA Mobile App instantly. The configuration of the home page allows the eCommerce merchant to add, change or modify the layout in any way. Also, the look and feel of the mobile app can be altered and updated anytime without changing any code.

3. Easy Sign In And Checkout

The PrestaShop PWA App Creator allows the users to access the mobile app with just a single tap. Social login options such as Facebook/Google, and email registration and login options can be enabled in Progressive Web App. The PrestaShop eCommerce PWA App lets users fill out only those details that are necessary for the purchase process making checkout easier and simpler.

4. Wider Audience Targeting With Payment and Shipping Options

The PWA for PrestaShop provides a native-like shopping experience to the users. Adding the translation feature in the mobile app is the icing on the cake. It allows the store admin to target the worldwide or regional audience by allowing them to convert the eCommerce mobile app into their preferred language. The customer can also choose their favorite payment and shipping option in the Progressive Web App. The store admin has the option to include all the eCommerce website languages, payment, and shipping options in the Progressive Web App with RTL language scripts. 

5. Automatic Inventory Update And Marketing via Push Notifications

By synchronizing the eCommerce website product inventory and data in the PWA mobile app, the management becomes easy for the store admin. Thus, all the changes made to the products and categories of the website will be immediately reflected on the PWA app. The marketing and sales targets can be easily met by the push notifications feature in the PrestaShop Progressive Web App. The eCommerce store admin is also allowed to configure and send custom and predefined push notifications to the user’s device and promote various deals, discounts, and offers, etc.

6. Faster Working with Offline Accessibility

The PrestaShop Progressive Web App is extremely lightweight and does not crash or stop while browsing. The PWA mobile app is advanced and provides quicker loading and performance than native apps. The faster loading & smooth functioning of mobile apps will boost the shopping experience of users even in case of slow internet connectivity. 


Hence, this is the right time to shift to the PrestaShop PWA App Builder for your eCommerce business. The reason being, many competitors have already launched their own Progressive Web App and started generating more sales and revenue. Another reason is that it offers an amazing shopping experience with enhanced features like fast performance, offline working, push notifications, and much more. Connect with us at support@knowband.com for more details.

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