10 ways to boost your store sales with PrestaShop Mobile App in 2019

Developing an eCommerce website is the first step to take your business to some different level. Earlier having a website for your online store is good enough to make you successful. But as we are rapidly moving forward, the demands & requirements of people has changed with time. Now, it’s difficult to keep your business name on the top of the list with only having a website by your side.

There is no need to introduce the PrestaShop platform as it is already famous worldwide among eCommerce site merchants. PrestaShop is highly popular because of its open-source and highly customizable nature. This is why everyone looking to invest in the PrestaShop platform nowadays.

Do you think having an eCommerce site is good enough to keep your name on the top of the list?

The world is moving fast as the speed of light. Digital technology changed the way of our living and it fair to say that technology brings everything at our fingertips. Now, whether you are stuck somewhere or need to find some hotel rooms we utterly prefer smartphones to do the task. But what factors increasing the usage of smartphone in the last few years? Well, the mobile app is completely behind this Let’s show you some stats.

A report says, the number of mobile app downloads worldwide is nearly 178. 1 billion in 2017. Whether it’s a social media app, gaming app or any online shopping app users prefer to spend their time on it. This shows mobile apps played a major role in the success of smartphones and we can say that mobile devices are totally incomplete without mobile apps. So, having a mobile app for your eCommerce business is must nowadays otherwise it become difficult to survive in this ecosystem.

You Cannot Ignore these benefits of PrestaShop Mobile App

1. Boost Conversion:

Want a piece of high revenue? Mobile app can do the work for you. You cannot deny the fact that online shoppers prefer mobile apps rather than websites. So, by selling your products on the mobile app you can introduce your store to a larger audience which simply means that there are more chances of conversion.

2. High Engagement:

Want to reach out to users? The mobile app will give you the chance to do so. Many reports say, most of the users spend their time on mobile apps. As we know there is a lot of audience presence on the mobile platform so it becomes quite easy for store merchants to hit their target audience. This is why every eCommerce store merchants looking to invest in the mobile app to boost their user engagement.

3. Faster Performance:

Mobile apps are in a different class when it comes to performance. Applications are usually faster than websites and it takes less time to load content and provide the desired result to users. That’s why online shoppers prefer mobile apps over websites because data retrieval just takes a few seconds.

4. Enhance Your Branding:

No doubt, mobile apps simply enhance your branding of the store. Branding leads you to a completely different position. 24/7 presence on the user’s device screen is a boon for the store admin to enhance their branding. For users, it’s impossible to not open the app once they installed it on their device.

10 Tactics That Will Help You To Boost Your Store Sales

1. Quick Login:

Quick login is the feature that you must incorporate in your mobile app to make your users easily sign-in into your store. By providing a simple and easy login process you can simply impress your users.

2. DIY(Do-It-Yourself) Layout:

DIY(Do-It-Yourself) layout is the one thing for which every eCommerce site owner is looking to include in their mobile app. Appealing screens and visuals can make your users to stay on your store. So, try to make your home screen alluring and attractive.

3. Multi-lingual & Multi-currency Support:

You can easily take up your business to some next level by including multi-lingual & multi-currency feature in your prestashop mobile app. This allows you to present your store in front of a global audience. Also, the user has the option to access the app in their native language and select their mode of currency.

4. Payment & Shipping Method:

By offering multiple shipping & payment options to users you can simply enable them to complete their transactions seamlessly. Some payment options like PayPal, PayU, Stripe, and COD are must offer.

5. Push Notifications:

What better way is to interact with your user’s than push notifications. Yes, push notifications are the best way to interact with your user’s in an entertaining way and draw their attention to your store.

6. Easy Checkout:

Do not let your users to stuck in lengthy checkout pages. By offering a simple and easy checkout you can win your user’s heart without. Also, it reduces the cart abandoned rate of your store.

7. Automatic Synchronization:

Now, there is no need to manage your store inventory manually because automatic synchronization will do the work for you. All website changes will automatically sync with your mobile app which saves a lot of time and efforts of store admin.

8. All Coupons & Voucher Support:

Looking to enhance your store sales? Take the help of coupons and vouchers. Yes, provide multiple coupons and vouchers to your users and motivate them to avail the running offer & deals.

9. Live Chat Support:

Connect with your customers with live chat support feature. Now, the store admin can stay in touch with app users 24*7 and resolve their all issues/complaints. This will simply build user’s trust in your store.

10. All Types of Product Availability:

Allow your users to purchase all sorts of products on the mobile app. The more users have the option to buy any type of product the more chance they will revisit your store. From this, the store admin can simply bring more sales to his store.

Wrapping Up

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