Grow Your Online Sales With Readymade PrestaShop Android and iOS Apps

The mobile apps have transformed the eCommerce industry’s face with the emergence of new inherited features. This is the fact that more than 50 percent of the worldwide population is using eCommerce mobile apps. When it comes to online product purchases. Having a featured shopping app is a great way to make the working of eCommerce store efficient and boost online reach and sales. The Android and iOS Mobile App allow the eCommerce business to connect with customers easily. And offers them a smooth shopping experience. The Prestashop Mobile App Builder is a readymade extension to launch the fully native Android and iOS apps for active PrestaShop eCommerce websites.

The Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App Maker makes sure that the eCommerce store inventory is fully synchronized with the mobile app. All the changes on the website inventory will be reflected automatically on the Android and iOS apps. The potent shopping app ensures that the mobile users get aware of the promotional notifications and offers/deals via push notifications.  For all those PrestaShop eCommerce store owners who are somewhere struggling with the sales and revenue graph, mobile apps can be a game-changer for your business.

The Prestashop Mobile App Builder by Knowband consists of a customizable admin panel that allows the store admin to perform all changes without the requirement of learning a coding language. It is a readymade app plugin so the store admin doesn’t have to worry about any technical functionality or set up.

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Top-notch Features of Prestashop Mobile App

These are various amazing features of the Prestashop Mobile App Maker that are beneficial for both store admin and customers. We have mentioned a few of them in detail below.

1. Branded Solution

Branding is the most important element of every eCommerce business and so is for the mobile app. The module gives identity to the mobile app and makes the eCommerce brand more popular. This feature in Mobile App for Prestashop allows the store admin to launch the eCommerce mobile app under its brand name, logo, splash screen, and value. The customers can also easily get to know the brand just by looking at the shopping app.

2. Tailor-Made Homepage Layout-

The store admin can design its own tailor-made layout for the home screen of the app by using the drag and drop editor in the admin panel. This option in Prestashop Android & iOS Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to perform all the changes in the mobile app without knowing any coding language. The customer can also enjoy the enticing user interface and feel more involved with the Android and iOS apps.

3. Social Login Options-

The Prestashop Android and iOS App Builder allow the customers to login into the mobile app with ease without putting in so much effort. The store admin enables easy login options on the app such as Google & Facebook along with the email registration and login option. The customer can also take the advantage of Phone no (OTP) and Fingerprint login option to get a more secure and easy login.

4. Multi-Lingual And RTL Support-

Targeting different countries/locations from the app is now very much easy because of the multilingualism feature. The Prestashop Mobile App can easily support all the languages including RTL scripts available on the eCommerce website. The customer can enjoy the benefit of changing the eCommerce app language into the desired one right from the mobile app. The store admin can also include multiple currencies in the shopping app available in the eCommerce store.

5. Shopping With Reliable Payments-

The shipping and reliable payment methods in Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App help the customer to get stick to the shopping app. The store admin can include all the payment and shipping options available on the eCommerce website.

6. No Manual Inventory Synchronization-

Updating the information manually in a shopping app can be a difficult task for many eCommerce merchants. The Prestashop Mobile App Maker doesn’t ask the store admin to perform changes in product data and inventory manually. Because the product inventory of the eCommerce store is fully synchronized with the mobile app. All the changes will be reflected on the front-end app even after it is live.

7. Push Notification Alerts-

The store admin can enable the notification setting from the extension backend. So, if there is any offer, update, and discount on the shopping app then the notification will be sent automatically to the customer’s mobile device. The customer can view the notification in the Prestashop Mobile App even when they are not using the Android and iOS app or even if the smartphone is locked.

8. Customer Chat Support –

The Mobile App for Prestashop consists of Zopim and Whatsapp chat functions that allow the customer to ask questions, queries directly to store admin and get their issues resolved instantly.

9. Customer Rating and Review-

The customer can provide their review, feedback, and ratings of a particular product or service on the mobile app. . Reviews and ratings on the PrestaShop Mobile App can be very helpful for other clients to make the right purchase decision.

10. Compatible With Multi-Vendor Marketplace-

The Prestashop Mobile App Builder helps the store admin to add the Prestashop Multi vendor marketplace in the app as well. Our PrestaShop Apps are by default compatible with our Marketplace module. With this module, various sellers can showcase the products on the mobile app and start selling them effortlessly. The apps are only customer-centric and won’t have any seller dashboard or management available. The changes from the web marketplace will be reflected automatically on the app.


One of the advanced ways of enhancing the sales and the revenue of the eCommerce store in 2021 is through mobile applications. The store owners need a better and convenient way to sell products. It has become very simple with the growing popularity of mobile apps. After reading this blog, you must have understood that Prestashop Android & iOS Mobile App Builder is beneficial for both the store admin and the front-end online shoppers. You can witness huge growth after opting for ready-made mobile apps due to their alluring and powerful features. Know more about this at

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