Importance Of Native Shopping Apps for Your PrestaShop Business

With the constant increase in the usage of smartphones, the demand for mobile apps has been also increased at a rapid rate. Customers want to use a mobile phone for every minor to major day to day requirements. E-Commerce Businesses are coming up with native shopping apps to fulfill the needs & demands of mobile users. Shopping apps are now becoming a trend for many users of the eCommerce business. The eCommerce businesses should adapt to shopping apps in order to run their business smoothly and match with the footprint of other eCommerce businesses. The Prestashop Mobile App Builder can be used to launch the Android and iOS mobile apps without coding knowledge. The store admin can have a ready-made app for their PrestaShop eCommerce store. The Prestashop Mobile App Maker allows the store admin to control or manage the shopping app from the admin panel and the updated changes can be reflected on the app even in the run time.

Knowband is a renowned name as an eCommerce plugin developer. It offers Prestashop Mobile App Creator that converts your eCommerce website into an Android and iOS app. It is simple to use so the store admin can perform the required changes in the mobile app without any code change. The Android & iOS app is fully synchronized with the eCommerce website and all the changes performed by the store admin in website inventory will appear on the apps automatically.

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Useful Features & Functionalities of PrestaShop Mobile App:

Although there are several features that are enough to prove the importance of Prestashop Android & iOS Mobile App Builder. Some of the important points are mentioned below –

1. White Label Apps with Home Screen Customization:

The regular design of the shopping apps is not sufficient to attract the users and impact their purchase decisions. The eCommerce business has to come up with a lot of strategies. Branding is the most important feature when it comes to the eCommerce mobile app. The Prestashop Android App Builder allows the store admin to launch the app under its brand name. The store admin can add a brand logo, app name, icon, image, splash screen, background color, etc.

The Prestashop Android & iOS App Maker allows the store owner to customize the app according to the festivals, seasons, occasions, sales, etc., and change the whole look and feel of the apps anytime. The store admin does not need to be dependent on any coding knowledge to customize the banners, images, sliders, etc. Multiple layouts can also be created and saved in the admin panel of the Mobile App Builder extension.

2. Worldwide Reach:

All the eCommerce businesses want to expand especially on the global market. The benefit of using a shopping app is that mobile phones are available to every user around the world. So bringing good sales and potential customers in Android and iOS apps is now comparatively easier than eCommerce websites. 

The multilingual and RTL support of the Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App helps eCommerce businesses to target worldwide audiences. The eCommerce mobile app supports all the available languages on the eCommerce website.

3. Real-time Connectivity & Order Updates:

The management of product inventory on both website and the mobile app might be a difficult task for the store admin. The store owner has to manage both the eCommerce website & the mobile app inventory separately. The Prestashop Android App Builder is fully synchronized with the eCommerce website inventory. It fetches all the products and the inventory of the eCommerce website and updates it on run time. The store admin does not have to manually intervene and can perform all the changes on the app inventory without any hassle.

The Prestashop Android & iOS App maker gives track of the previous purchase to the customers. The mobile app allows the customers to check their order status and also sends push notifications for the same.

4. Live Chat With Customers:

The major goal of every eCommerce business is to satisfy customers. There are many queries and issues on the customer’s mind while mobile shopping. So, it is important to give them 24*7 chat support. The Prestashop Mobile App consists of inbuilt Zopim & WhatsApp chat support. By using this feature the customer can connect directly with the store admin anytime and get relevant answers to their questions.

5. Easy Payment, Shipping, and Transaction Process:

The availability of easy payment & shipping methods plays a crucial role in successful order creation from the Android & iOS app. It will tend to reduce the cart abandonment rate. Customers like to shop from the favorable payment method. The Prestashop Mobile App Maker helps your customers to have a successful purchase.

The Prestashop Mobile App Creator allows customers to log in with a single tap. The inbuilt social media accounts for easy login options such as Google and Facebook make the app access simpler and easier. The email login and register option are also available in the mobile apps. The store admin can enable the inbuilt fingerprint and phone number login feature for better security.

The Mobile App for PrestaShop supports all the payment and shipping options available on the eCommerce websites. The store admin can also add more payment and shipping options according to the app users’ requirements. This mobile app allows customers to purchase the product with their favorable payment and shipping options available at checkout.

The Prestashop Android & iOS Mobile App Builder consists of a simplified checkout option that allows customers to check out from the mobile app easily without filling up unnecessary details. The eCommerce app allows the users to review the information twice before completing the transactions.

The Prestashop Android App Builder also supports coupons and discounts in the shopping app to offer more benefits to their customers. This strategy persuades the customers to buy and engage more in the Android and iOS apps.

6. Unlimited Push Notifications:

Push notifications are one of the best solutions for handy marketing & promotion. It is a proven technique to boost the sale of online business. It also helps in engaging users to the mobile app and provides them a better user experience. The Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App allows the store admin to send unlimited push notifications to the app users and promote the latest discounts and offerings. The push notifications can be sent manually or automatically.


The Prestashop Mobile App Maker consists of many important & necessary features that help to boost the user experience, conversion rates, and sales of an eCommerce business. It is a boon for your eCommerce business and Knowband can help in launching a full-fledged mobile app for the business.

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