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The eCommerce business has developed far and wide in the previous few years that dominating your rivals isn’t some tea. Customer engagement has consistently been a definitive intention of each eCommerce merchant. As the online presence of purchasers moved from websites to mobile applications, it brought the need of having an Android or iOS app. Presently most of the customers have been moved to mobile shopping. Hence, focusing on users would be a lot of simple in the event that you have your own mobile app these days.

With users anticipating that everything should be readily available, eCommerce merchants have been bound to the impulse of investigating all the accessible alternatives to exhibit their best approach on the mobile platform. With such colossal rivalry encompassing us, eCommerce merchants ought to have someplace dread of staying behind in the race. On the contrary, there is nothing to stress over any longer, Knowband’s Prestashop Mobile App Builder acts as the hero.

What is Prestashop eCommerce mobile app?

At first, we should break down mobile app makers in a touch of detail. Regularly users have questions or misinterpretations in regards to mobile application improvement and mobile app developers. Both of the terms may appear to be the same but they are not. To build up a mobile application, you either come from a specialized foundation and convey some specialized information to the least. However, for all the non-tech eCommerce merchants it is difficult to simply build up the app. As a result, the Prestashop Mobile App Builder comes in handy for them.

What’s so unique about the Prestashop eCommerce mobile app extension for merchants?

Indeed, you may have been believing that most eCommerce merchants have just migrated to the mobile platform which would some way or another influence the endurance of your app. In fact, Knowband’s Prestashop Android app or Prestashop iOS app builder even takes care of that issue for you.

Alongside simple mobile app creation, Prestashop mobile app maker has significantly more to bring to the table. Furthermore, the features available with the app created for Android and iOS are very perceptible and will help you in every way under the sun.

Key features of the Prestashop mobile app

1. Full control on designing

Prestashop mobile app builder offers full design control to the store admin from the backend. Above all, you can without much of a stretch arrange the products according to the features and categories. Occasional contributions and limited time arrangements can be effectively shipped off app users with modified push notifications.

2. Simple app configuration

With Prestashop mobile app creator, you can not just design your application according to your web store. But you can also add all the payment and shipping strategies running on your web store. So, you can flawlessly manage how the user explores the app. Its work on the checkout page guarantees that your conversion rates should see a tremendous ascent.

3. Simple management

Both web store and mobile apps stay in sync with one another continuously. You need not stress over the concurrent services of the app and your web store. Prestashop Android app builder or Prestashop iOS app developer naturally updates all the progressions on the app which were made in the web store stock.

3. Social Media benefits

Who would not like to snatch social advantages in any business, particularly in the retail market? Prestashop eCommerce mobile app interfaces your web store with practically all the social media platforms by means of the mobile app. With these organizations, your store will accumulate immense traffic to your store.

4. Order management

The alternatives for order management are various in Prestashop mobile app maker for Prestashop stores. You can without much of a stretch update the order status from the backend on a real-time basis. In addition, the customer can likewise be kept updated with the delivery condition of their order with push notifications on the mobile app.

5. All gadgets optimization

Mobile apps created by Prestashop mobile app creator are completely enhanced with every handheld gadget. Thus, regardless of which gadget a user utilizes, eCommerce apps will impeccably deal with them.

Multiple payment and shipping alternatives

Prestashop mobile app builder for Android and iOS supports all the payment and shipping strategies running on your Prestashop store. Indeed, even two fundamental payment strategies PayPal and COD are additionally incorporated in the applications by default.

User support

Direct user help is likewise given in Prestashop eCommerce mobile app created for Prestashop stores. This component reinforces your bond with the purchasers. In addition, depicts your store before them as an expert one.

Simple product marketing

We as a whole know how intense it is to promote any product to your users. However, the Prestashop mobile app can facilitate your work with direct marketing channels for example Push notification services. You can basically advertise your products among tremendous online customers with this component and assemble possible users.

New Feature Updates of the PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

Customizable Home Screen layout

The Prestashop Mobile App Creator offers eCommerce store vendors a completely configurable home page format of the mobile app. The store admin can without much of a stretch tweak the home screen design worth on the mobile app. The store admin should simply set the placement and transfer the standards according to the prerequisite of events and occasions. The accompanying ascribes are accessible for home screen format customization:

  • Top Categories
  • Square Banner
  • Framework Product
  • Framework Banner
  • Commencement Sale Timer Banner
  • Sliding Product
  • Sliding Banner
  • Accessed Product

Gamified Email Popup Subscription

The Prestashop Mobile App Creator offers a gamified popup email subscription interface in the mobile app. With the assistance of gamified email pop memberships, the store admin can catch the email id of online customers and send them customized messages. The usefulness of the spin wheel will possibly work in the mobile app when you integrate KnowBand’s Prestashop Spin and Win module on the store. With the Spin and Win integration in the Prestashop Mobile App Builder, an eCommerce business can make the most of it.

Brand Promotion

With the assistance of the Prestashop Mobile App Maker, the eCommerce store merchant can advance the store by including a brand logo on the header of the mobile app. A brand promotion causes you to upgrade your business strategies and it makes brand mindfulness among individuals.

Quick Login

The Prestashop eCommerce mobile app extension gives you a simple and basic login choice for online customers. The accompanying alternatives are accessible for quick Sign-up and Login. Google and Facebook login, OTP authentication, and Unique Fingerprint login are available in the Prestashop addon.

Live Chat

The Prestashop Android app builder gives you a live chat include through which the admin can give better help to users 24*7. The accompanying choices are accessible for the visit include – Zopin and Whatsapp.


In other words, various advantages accompany the high level included Prestashop iOS app builder. In this way, why stand by and miss the conversions in the event that you can snatch them so without any problem. For additional data, visit Prestashop Mobile App Builder. In addition, if you want to know more about the Prestashop eCommerce mobile app, follow the links mentioned below.

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