Which features of the Prestashop Mobile App Builder make it a must-have?

Comparing mobile app users to desktop users, there has been an increase in the former section. This is due to the outcomes of the technical progress in the mobile app industry. Today, one of the most practical methods for customers to have everything at their fingertips is through a mobile eCommerce app. Additionally, consumers prefer the mobile app over the website for quick purchases. Online users now need a user interface that is easy to use so that items and services are more accessible. As a result, the shop manager must make sure that the design is streamlined. The Prestashop Mobile App Builder by Knowband enables the shop administrator. Further, to create the most cutting-edge features while considering all factors.

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One of the most well-liked platforms for building working mobile apps is Prestashop. Many elements of the Prestashop mobile app are helpful for e-Stores.

In this blog, we will look at the features that make the Prestashop mobile app a must. Let us take a look at them below.                                             Prestashop Mobile App Builder features

  • Simple to use Application Layout

Customers’ buying decisions may be influenced by the designs of Android and iOS apps. Users are more inclined to use your app to make purchases if it offers a quicker and easier purchasing process. A design ensures that Prestashop mobile app creator by Knowband is simple for customers to use. As a result, the shopping app’s functionality assists the store manager. Furthermore, in converting visitors into potential consumers.

  • Push Notifications 

A successful marketing tactic may be used using the plugin’s push notification capability. The shop administrator can inform the client of the most recent goods and offerings with the aid of the push notification. Even if they are not using the shopping app, customers can still receive push alerts to learn about new information and upgrades. The fact that many users find push notifications irritating should also be considered. Thus, delivering post alerts to the consumer should be well balanced. The customer has always been impressed by the push notification and the results are always remarkable. If you incorporate this functionality, Prestashop mobile app maker’s push notification tool will be of help.

Prestashop Mobile App Builder push notification

  • Selection of Filter and Sort

The user constantly wants the shopping app to be simple and convenient to use. The user-friendly design makes it simple for customers to search for and explore products. To assist users in finding what they’re looking for, the Prestashop eCommerce mobile app module by Knowband offers filter and sorting options.

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  • Synchronization

The Prestashop iOS app builder or the Prestashop Android app builder and the e-commerce website are fully connected. So, any changes made to the website backend are immediately reflected on the Android and iOS apps. The module’s automated data and inventory updates reduce the store administrator’s effort.

  • Social Media Benefits

The inclusion of social networking features in the mobile app would be extremely helpful for the e-commerce company. The Prestashop App Builder’s social networking feature enables customers to share various items with a quick login option. Sharing your material on social media may be quite beneficial for your company as it motivates many consumers to make larger purchases. For a hassle-free buying experience, the shopping app also offers Facebook and Google login choices.

  • Online transactions that are protected

The incidence of cart abandonment may arise in the absence of preferred payment options. An SSL certificate is included with the Knowband’s Prestashop Android app, enhancing the perception of trustworthiness and confidence among customers. All website payment choices are available on the Android and iOS applications, which are more customer-safe and secure.

In the End

The Prestashop Mobile App Builder has must-have features like these, which are also among its most crucial ones. When creating the eCommerce mobile app for the business and ensuring its success, store administrators need to bear in mind all the features. Thus, get in touch with us at support@knowband.com if you also wish to succeed with your shopping app.

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