Must Have Features To Look For While Launching PrestaShop Mobile App

We all have seen eCommerce rising for the past decade. Because of the rapid growth in the E- commerce industry, many online retailers are somewhere wanting to utilize the benefits by getting a mobile-responsive site or tapping into the world of mobile commerce. No of users preferring E-commerce websites is growing day by day and this is encouraging the store owners to launch a featured and engaging eCommerce mobile app. Having mobile shopping apps is a great way of enhancing the user experience (UX), increase sales, build customer loyalty, & offering a competitive advantage to your business.

Ready To Launch PrestaShop Mobile Apps

Considering the complexity of developing and launching a mobile application, Knowband offers a complete no code framework to do the job. The PrestaShop store owners just need to purchase the module and rest everything will be managed and handled from the experienced pool of developers.

But, is just launching any shopping app is going to give results? No!

There are thousands of eCommerce mobile apps that entered and exited from the market. So, it is important for you to be aware necessary features. In this article, we are going to discuss what to expect from the PrestaShop Mobile App while it is being launched. 

An eCommerce mobile app should be fruitful to both customer and the admin. Your PrestaShop mobile app should be designed in such a way that it can accommodate each one with minimal efforts. So, it can easily enhance the app functionality and make it easy to use with a range of features in it. 

Prime Features to be considered for PrestaShop Mobile App

#1. Easy Registration & Login

It is important to eliminate the lengthy sign up process from your PrestaShop Mobile App. You can simplify the registration process by keeping the form simple and short. You can also allow users to sign up/sign easily with their social media account (Facebook/Google) and save their information for future visits. Such PrestaShop Mobile App will surely help you to achieve better conversions by not letting users fill a lot of data in the app. More easy access means a higher conversion rate and sales volume.

#2. Multiple payment methods for fast checkout-

The check out option in PrestaShop Mobile App can be optimized and can change the whole shopping experience of customers. You can easily integrate one click checkout and multiple payment options in your app. Often, customers simply abandon the cart if they do not find the preferred mode of payment in the app. With PrestaShop Mobile App Maker, you can easily offer any payment options on both Android and iOS app such as credit card, cash on delivery, e-wallets and many more. 

#3. Sending Push Notifications 

Even if a customer is not using the mobile app, it can be a marketing medium for your business. Push notifications helps in keeping the customer up-to-date with latest offerings. Mobile Push notifications have done a remarkable job in gaining user attention. By enabling it in the PrestaShop Mobile App module, the admin can alert customers about new products, back in stock, host flash sales, personalized marketing campaigns and much more. PrestaShop Mobile App push notification feature is a simple, but effective way to have a communication with your customers.

#4. Offline Access-

Giving offline availability to the customers is a great way to boost up your e-commerce mobile app sales. This PrestaShop Mobile App allows the users to access the app even if they don’t have access to the internet or any signal interruptions. Offline access ensures that the pre-loaded screens gets loaded automatically . 

#5. Allow customer feedback-

This PrestaShop Mobile App extension option allows you to enhance and track user experience as well. Having an honest review in your app will encourage more customers to purchase. Feedback is a very good tool when it comes to driving sales and improving reliability. It also helps users to decide the appropriate product is as per their need. The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker offers the product review and ratings functionality in both Android and iOS apps..

#6. Easy Navigation (Filter and sort)-

The PrestaShop Mobile App module offers filter and sorting options which makes the product search as seamless as it could. Also, the bottom tab bar ensures smooth switching between the multiple screens. Many apps offer a wide range of products and it makes it difficult for the customer to find out what they are looking for. It helps users to navigate the product they want easily in the app. PrestaShop Mobile App also helps to enhance the shopping experience by features like voice and image search. Reducing the steps helps to increase the customer loyalty and results in a positive experience. 

#7. Home page layout-

The PrestaShop Mobile App module can conveniently display your products on the home panel. It offers you a fully customizable home screen that works seamlessly in mobile applications.  It allows you to customize banners, products, Countdown Timer Banner, Recently Viewed Products. 

#8. Multilingual and RTL Support –

Targeting customers with different regions might be difficult but the Prestashop Mobile App Maker module provides Multilingual support along with RTL writing style. It allows you to target worldwide audiences easily. RTL (Right to left) is compatible with the languages like Hebrew, Arabic, etc

#9. Real time synchronization-

Real-Time Synchronization is very convenient and speeds up the synchronization process. Real-time Synchronization creates a reliable connection between both the website and the mobile app. By PrestaShop Mobile App module, If you perform any changes it will automatically get reflected in the mobile apps. You can easily manage all the hassle without putting in extra or manual effort. 

#10. Zopim and WhatsApp Chat Support: 

It is important for every shopper to have good customer support because bad support can end up making them feel frustrated. The PrestaShop Mobile App extension gives a strong customer support feature with inbuilt Zendesk and WhatsApp chat that strengthens the customer base. No matter what queries the customer is having, the store admin can solve them instantly with appropriate answer.

Wrap Up:

There are many more features that can also be included in PrestaShop Mobile App. The features of PrestaShop Mobile App must align with your business goals. The store admin can also track and analyze the results by integrating tools like Google Analytics. The data collected from it will lead you to make smart decisions and improve your strategies. Learn more about the module from:

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