Powerful Features of PrestaShop Android & iOS Mobile App Builder

The rapid growth in the eCommerce market is also because of the increase in the usage of mobile phones. This encourages the eCommerce store owners to launch mobile apps. The mobile apps help the store admin a lot in engaging the customers and enhancing the user experience. It also helps in increasing sales, building customer loyalty, & offering a competitive advantage in the eCommerce business.

The Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App is the best solution to integrate all the eCommerce website data in the eCommerce mobile app. It is a ready-made app builder that doesn’t require any coding knowledge from the side of the store admin. The store admin can also attract more customers and lure them by utilizing the benefits of all the features available in the shopping app.

Knowband is known to develop plugins for the Commerce store and it can help the store admin to turn their dream of having a mobile app into reality. The store admin just has to purchase the Prestashop Mobile App Builder from Knowband. And the expertise and experience of developers will also help in converting your eCommerce website into a shopping app (Android & iOS).

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Some Amazing Features of Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App –

1. White Label Apps –

The white label option in the Prestashop Mobile App allows the store admin to grab all the advantages of having a  branding app. Branding helps in positioning the eCommerce store in the mind of the customers. The store admin can also include the app logo, brand name, icon, image, splash screen, background color, etc.

2. Home Page Customization –

The Prestashop Android App Builder consists of a homepage consisting of a fully customizable layout that works seamlessly with eCommerce apps. The store admin can customize the home screen without getting into the coding technicality. The eCommerce merchant can also add banners, images, sliders, categories, products, etc. The store admin can perform all the changes by accessing the admin panel anytime and change the look and feel of the live eCommerce app in no time.

3. Custom Color & Font Options-

The Prestashop Android & iOS App Maker allows the store admin to include intuitive colors and fonts in the shopping app. Moreover, using attractive colors and fonts enhances the user interface of the Android and iOS app to the next level. This option helps to engage the customer more into the eCommerce mobile app from the backend of the Prestashop Mobile App Maker module.

4. Easy Registration and Login –

The Prestashop Mobile App Builder plays an important role in keeping the SignUp and login process short & quick. This also allows the users to easily sign in to the eCommerce app. The store admin can enable the by default options like social login (Google and Facebook login) and email login and registration option. The fingerprint and the Phone Number (OTP) login option can also be enabled from the admin panel.

5. Multiple Payment and Shipping Options-

Customers tend to abandon carts more if they do not find the preferable shipping and payment options. Any payment and shipping options available on the website will be supported by the Prestashop Mobile App Maker. The store admin can easily enable all the payment and shipping options on the mobile app that are available on the eCommerce store. Also, The customer can choose the right shipping and payment options in the shopping apps and make the order with ease.

6. Multilingual and RTL Support –

The store admin can easily target the worldwide as well as local audience and sell their eCommerce product on the PrestaShop Mobile App without having any language barrier. The Prestashop Mobile App Creator supports all the global and regional languages including RTL writing styles like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc. Additionally, The store admin can easily include all the language available in the eCommerce store and enhance the reach of the PrestaShop Mobile App.

7. One Page Checkout –

The one-page simplified checkout in the PrestaShop shopping app helps the customer to checkout with ease. Customers can place orders conveniently without filling up the unnecessary information in the Android and iOS apps.

8. Coupon and Voucher Support

The Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App allows the customers to include the eCommerce app and helps to engage more customers by providing them an improved shopping experience. The website coupon and voucher options can be entered by the customer on the PrestaShop Mobile App while checking out to avail of the benefits.

9. Real-Time Synchronization –

The Real-Time Synchronization feature is a boon for the eCommerce store owner. Additionally, the store admin does not need to develop a separate database for the mobile app. The Mobile App for Prestashop remains synced with all the eCommerce store product inventory and data.  If the store admin also performs any changes on the website inventory, it will automatically get reflected in the eCommerce apps.

10. Push Notifications –

The push notifications on the PrestaShop Mobile App can keep the customers updated about the current offers and discounts available in the eCommerce store. It is a great way to grab the customer’s attention by offering the right discount and coupon at the right time. The Prestashop Mobile App Maker also gives timely notifications to the customers and the notification can be sent manually or automatically. The push notifications will be received on the installed app.

11. Orders Status Update` –

The Prestashop Mobile App Maker consists of an order status option that allows the customer to remain aware of the previously placed orders. The store admin can send push notifications to the customers as well about the order update. The customer can also visit the Android app and iOS app to see the status of the previous order.

12. Customer Feedback (User Reviews)-

The Mobile App for Prestashop allows the customers to put their point in the mobile app about a particular product. Getting honest feedback will also enhance the user experience and make them more reliable towards your eCommerce mobile app. The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker is compatible with the Product Comments module and shows the same reviews on the website as well.

13. Filter and Sort (Easy Navigation)-

The Prestashop Android & iOS Mobile App Builder consists of an easy navigation flow that allows the customer to find the desired product with ease. The mobile app also allows the customers to easily switch between the screens with the help of the bottom tab bar. The filter and sort options can help in finding out their favorable product from the vast list of inventory. There is also a voice search option available in the PrestaShop Mobile App that helps to enhance the shopping experience of the customers.

14. Offline Access –

The Prestashop Mobile App Creator can help the store admin in boosting up their Android and iOS app sales by providing offline browsing to the customers. The offline access contains the cache of the pre-loaded screen. The Android app and iOS app for PrestaShop shows the pre-loaded screen to the customers if in case they are not connected to the internet. The customers can also add the products to the wishlist and cart in offline mode.

15. Customer Support (Zopim & WhatsApp)-

It is important for eCommerce merchants to provide good customer support to their customers. The Prestashop Android & iOS Mobile App Builder provides 24*7 chat support to the app users. The Android and iOS app consist of Zopim and WhatsApp chat that strengthens the customer base. Moreover, The store admin can solve the queries and issues of the customers instantly with appropriate answers.

Compatibility With Other Modules

1. Spin Win Module-

The spin and win module is an exit popup that displays in front of the user’s screen. The store admin can display a gamified interface in the front-end of the Prestashop Mobile App. This module also allows the user to get the exciting offer by the side of the store admin. The eCommerce merchant can also include themes according to the season, occasion, and events.


2. Search Via Image 

The image search module in the Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App allows the customers to quickly search products by uploading an image to your store. The customer just has to upload the image in the image search box. Also, all the products related to the image will appear in front of the user’s screen.


3. Multivendor Marketplace 

The PrestaShop Marketplace addon allows the store admin to include various sellers in the  Prestashop Mobile App. Additionally, this add-on allows the seller to easily get registered in the eCommerce store and start selling their products on the mobile app.


4. Automatic Related Products 

The Prestashop Automatic Related Product module allows e-merchants to show related products on various website pages. This option also helps the users to easily find all the related products without searching it again in the eCommerce app.



This is the list of some powerful features that should be there in the mobile app. The Prestashop Android App Builder consists of all the features that help you to gain competitive advantages for eCommerce businesses. The features also help you to capture the vast market and enhance the sales conversion of the eCommerce store. The store admin can take the strategic decision by integrating Prestashop Android & iOS App Maker in the eCommerce store.

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