How PrestaShop Mobile App Builder can transform your eCommerce business?

The concept of eCommerce mobile apps has changed the face of retail stores and online shopping. The mobile commerce industry has reached its potential because of its unmatched performance and loaded features. Thus, having a native Android and iOS mobile app gives a whole new experience to the customers and provides a profitable opportunity for the store owners to serve better. Today, more and more people prefer to choose an eCommerce Mobile App for online product purchase rather than sticking to online websites. KnowBand’s PrestaShop Mobile App Builder for Android and iOS is a ready-made solution to launch shopping apps for your eCommerce store.

This predefined Mobile App Builder extension offers a fully seamless shopping experience with must-have features and functionalities in both Android and iOS apps. The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker makes the app launch way simpler by curbing out the development and Google Play/Apple App store publishing complexities.

Why choose KnowBand’s Mobile App Creator?

Planning for PrestaShop Mobile App involves two major concerns – cost and time. KnowBand’s Android and iOS App Builder is designed to launch the apps in just 2-3 days. Also, the extension will be installed on the back office and the store admin can manage and configure the apps on its own without any technical knowledge required. Just a few mouse clicks and the live apps will function as per the requirement.

The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker is the most affordable solution in the market. With a huge set of amazing pre-loaded features, the cost of the solution is just nominal. Additionally, the addon comes with only one-time payments and no sort of subscriptions. Just pay once and get apps for a lifetime. Check module from the below link:

Backoffice Demo:

Android App Demo:

iOS App Demo:

Top Notch Prestashop Mobile App Features To Help Modern Online Store-

1. White Label Branded Apps-

Launching the Prestashop Mobile App under its own brand name is the major factor in improving visibility and growth. The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker offers many white-label branding options in the Android/iOS apps such as app name, app logo, banners, splash screen, images, UI designs, etc.

2. Home Screen Layout Control-

Designing the home page layout of the PrestaShop Android and iOS mobile app without any technical knowledge is now possible. The module also comes with an inbuilt DIY editor which allows the store admin to craft and design and layout for the home screen. So, multiple design banners, product, category blocks in the admin panel can simply improvise the look and feel of the live app anytime. Various intuitive color options and fonts can also be changed on the live app from the admin panel itself. Multiple themes or sale-based layout designs can be created and saved in the admin panel and the right one can be chosen anytime on the apps.

3. Easy Login Options-

The Prestashop Mobile App Builder provides easy login options like social login (Facebook/Google) and email registration and sign-in option. Additionally, fingerprint and OTP (Phone Number) login can also be enabled on the Android and iOS apps with the help of the module backend.

4. Multilingual and RTL Languages-

Targeting a vast mobile audience is now easy with multi-languages compatible PrestaShop Android and iOS apps. The customer can also shop and browse the app in their favorite language and can provide good growth to the eCommerce business in the longer run. Thus, the Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App allows the customer to translate the shopping app into their desired languages. The store admin can integrate all the eCommerce website language in the Android and iOS app including RTL ones like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc.

5. Multiple Payment And Shipping Options –

The customer has the freedom to choose their preferred payment and shipping option available on the PrestaShop Mobile App. Additionally, the store admin can easily include all the website payments and shipping options on the Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App. No sort of extra integration or effort is required for the same.

6. One Page Checkout –

The PrestaShop Android and iOS app come with an easy checkout screen with just the necessary steps to make the purchase. Thus, the simplified check-out process allows customers to perform the transaction with ease without requiring too many details.

7. Real-Time Synchronization –

Manually updating inventory or data in a shopping app can be a difficult task for eCommerce merchants. The Prestashop Android & iOS Mobile App Builder does not require the store admin to manually change/update product data or inventory. Because the eCommerce store’s product inventory is fully synchronized with the Android and iOS app. All changes will be reflected on the front-end live app automatically once updated on the website.

8. Unlimited Push Notifications-

The push notification setting in the extension backend can be activated & configured by the store admin. Therefore, if the shopping app has an offer, upgrade and discount, the push notification can be manually set to the mobile customer’s smartphone. This is the easiest yet most effective marketing tool for Prestashop Mobile App. The push notifications can even be sent if the customer is not using the Android or iOS app or the phone is locked.

9. Customer Chat Options –

The Zopim and WhatsApp chat medium in the Prestashop Mobile App allows customers to ask their questions directly to the store admin and also solve their problems/concerns immediately. Both chat options come inbuilt with the apps and can be configured from the admin panel itself.

10. User Ratings and Review –

The app user can submit a review, feedback, and ratings of a particular product on the PrestaShop Android and iOS apps. Also, having reliable reviews on the PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App will help in triggering other customers to make the best buying decision. The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder comes with by default compatibility with the PrestaShop Product & Comments module.

11. Easier Navigation:

The PrestaShop Mobile App screens are designed in a way that makes online shopping fun for users. Additionally, quick navigation from the bottom tab bar to clean product and category designs makes the browsing as simple as it could be. Various sort and filter options in the Android and iOS app makes the product search quicker and more seamless.

12. Coupons & Vouchers Support:

All sorts of discount coupons and voucher codes actively running on the PrestaShop website will be supported on the Android and iOS apps as well. Hence, the customers avail the same offers on the shopping app and store admin can highlight the same via push notifications.


We hope that after reading this blog, you can now understand that there are huge ways in which the Prestashop Mobile App Builder can be beneficial for the eCommerce business. Moreover, the enhanced features and flawless shopping experience can help the eCommerce Mobile App to easily grow in the market. The mobile apps can also serve as a reliable medium to gain conversions and revenue growth for the business. . To know more about it, send us an email at

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