Readymade Tool To Launch Native Apps for PrestaShop eCommerce Website

Nowadays, a number of eCommerce stores are opting for mobile shopping apps. It is a great way to enhance your eCommerce business growth. Opting for shopping apps also offers a competitive advantage and improves the sales and profitability of the eCommerce business. The Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App Maker is one of the easiest and readymade solutions to build and launch Android and iOS shopping apps.

The Prestashop Mobile App Creator consists of a no-code framework that helps the eCommerce business to convert their website into the eCommerce app. It is used to launch Android and iOS mobile apps without coding knowledge. The store admin can easily perform all the changes in the run time from the admin panel. In simple words, almost every major change from the look and feel to the working of the app can be configured and handled from the admin panel itself.

Knowband offers this complete predefined framework i.e. PrestaShop Mobile App Builder with the motive to ease the workload and manual inputs of the store owner. Before this, the store owners need to invest a lot of money and effort to get their app built and launched on Google Play and the Apple App Store.  Even, the configuration control from the admin section of the module makes the app management and working seamless. Check out more details from:

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Top-Notch Features of Prestashop Mobile App Maker:


1. Home Screen Customization and White Label Apps:

The Prestashop Mobile App Creator offers white-label app solutions that allow the store admin to launch both Android and iOS apps under its brand name and grab better branding opportunities. The module helps the store admin to customize the home screen without getting into the coding technicality. Various banners, images, sliders, categories, products, etc can be configured and unlimited home screen layouts can be created and saved easily in the admin panel. The store admin can choose the right layout and change the home screen look and feel anytime. The intuitive colors, fonts, chat options, login options, logo, etc. can be selected to enhance the appearance of the Mobile App for Prestashop.

2. Easy Login & Checkout:

It is very important for your PrestaShop Mobile App to offer an easy sign-in/login option to mobile shoppers. This will easily enhance the shopping experience and would likely raise sales and revenue. The Android and iOS Mobile Apps for Prestashop comes with inbuilt social login options (Facebook/Google) along with Phone Number and Fingerprint authentication. Such simple and quick options can be helpful in achieving better conversions.

Easy checkout is also fruitful for website sales and conversion goals. The majority of the eCommerce stores out there are somewhere struggling with sales growth due to the cluttered and lengthy checkout process. The PrestaShop One Page Checkout module is a must-have for your online website if you are looking forward to improving the shopping experience and reduce the cart abandonment and bounce rate.

3. All Payment and Shipping Methods Support:

Providing multiple payment and shipping options in the PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App is one of the many reasons to engage customers. The store admin can easily bring all website payment and shipping methods on the Android and iOS apps with PrestaShop Mobile App Creator. No sort of integration or manual work is required for the same. The easy checkout with preferred payment methods compels the users for successful transactions.

4. Multilingual and RTL Support:

The Prestashop Android & iOS App Builder allows the store admin to target a wide range of customers located in different regions. The eCommerce mobile app supports all sorts of languages along with RTL writing scripts like Arabic, Hebrew, etc. Even, all sorts of currencies are also supported on PrestaShop Mobile Apps.

5. Real-Time Sync with Inventory:

The real-time synchronization feature of Prestashop Android & iOS App Maker updates the store inventory, product, categories, etc. on the eCommerce app. Any change/update in the inventory will be updated on the mobile app automatically. The module aims to lower manual work and save the time and efforts of the store admin.

6. Unlimited Push Notifications:

The push notifications feature of Prestashop Mobile App Maker is a great tool for eCommerce product and sales marketing. The store admin can configure and send the push notification from the admin panel and the same will be received in the front end mobile app installed on the user’s device. It helps the customers to get aware of the latest offers, discounts, and updates. The push notifications can also be scheduled for automatic deployment.

7. Offline Mode Access:

Offline working availability on Prestashop Mobile App gives ease to customers to browse the products even in case of slow internet connection. The offline mode shows the previously loaded screens on the user’s device when the internet is not even connected.

8. Zopim and Whatsapp Chat:

The Prestashop Mobile App Maker offers an inbuilt Zopim and WhatsApp chat feature that helps the customers to connect with the store admin 24*7 in case of any queries and issues. The store admin can check the chat and solve the queries instantly with appropriate answers and offers customer satisfaction.


Hence, by now, it would have been clear that the PrestaShop mobile apps can be a boon for your business. The advanced features in the module and apps can grow reach and boost sales. You can send us an email at for any query or discussion about the same.

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