PrestaShop Progressive Web App is the future of eCommerce. Know How?

The mobile apps have grown drastically in the past years and Progressive Web App is on another hype. According to the latest research, it is found that more than 50% of online sales in the UK were made using smartphones. This trend is moving ahead and the majority of the sales are achieved by mobile applications these days. However, many eCommerce businesses are still debating whether they should opt for the Progressive Web App(PWA) or not.

The main reason behind that is companies are still not sure about the potential of the Progressive Web App and what it can really offer in aspects of revenue and sales growth. To give you a glimpse of it, we can say that it can improve customer experience and helps the eCommerce business to reach a wide audience with minimal time, expense, and effort. In this article, we will explore PrestaShop Progressive Web App in a bit of detail. Stick to the end of the article to know everything.

What is Progressive Web App (PWA) & how does it work?

Progressive Web App is a website that opens in a standard browser of mobile phones and offers the same kind of user experience just like a native app. The one more significant advantage of the PWA Mobile App is that they are faster and much more reliable in terms of seamless working than any other native shopping app.

The Progressive Web App is made live on the mobile version of the website itself. There is no sort of dependency on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The customer can simply open the website on a mobile browser and a pop-up will ask to “Add App To Home Screen”. That’s it, the mobile shopper can add the PWA Mobile App on the device and use the same anytime to browse or shop products. The app will be among all other applications on the device and no one could ever tell any difference.

What Makes Prestashop PWA Mobile App Important?

The Prestashop PWA Mobile App Builder is a ready-made extension that offers potent Progressive Web App with reliable and better shopping experiences to the users on their smartphones. The eCommerce PWA Mobile App offers advanced features like easy installation, handy customization, admin panel control, and push notification, etc that helps to gain the user’s attention and improve engagement.

The Prestashop eCommerce PWA Mobile App also acts like a web page that boosts the ranking of the eCommerce store. It can be done by utilizing the practice of SEO and getting visible at the top of SERP. Please check more details about the module from the below links:

Module link-

Admin demo Link –

Front demo Link–

Video link –

Key Areas Where Prestashop PWA Mobile App Maker Can Be Beneficial

1. Branding For Better Marketing –

In order to seek quick and long-lasting attention from the customers, the store admin must launch the shopping app under its brand name. The eCommerce merchant can choose the desired app name, home screen UI, logo, splash screen, and so on in the Prestashop PWA Mobile App. The add-on gives the advantage to the store owner to develop the brand value among mobile shoppers.

2. Better User Interface-

In order to provide a better and improvised user interface on the eCommerce PWA Mobile App, the store admin can use home screen layout customization. The store admin can add and create several layouts from the DIY editor in the module backend.  The layout can be altered at any time even if the PWA Mobile App for Prestashop is live. The eCommerce merchant can create any home screen design and include intuitive colors and fonts, images, and banners to give a more enticing and sleek look to Progressive Web App.

3. Easy Installation-

The Prestashop Progressive Web App Builder allows the customers to install the PWA app without going to Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The easy installation option allows the customer to add the mobile app to their device home screen. The users just have to visit the eCommerce website and click on the “Add to Home Screen” popup. The eCommerce mobile app will be automatically installed into the customer’s home screen.

4. More Conversions With Easy Login And Checkout-

Easy login and checkout options available in the Prestashop Progressive Web App Maker help the eCommerce company to engage more customers. The social login and email options motivate users to access the Progressive Web App with ease and use. The social login options like Facebook and Google will help in increasing mobile app conversions. The PWA Mobile App single-page checkout is also a useful feature assisting users to complete the purchase seamlessly.

5. Target More Customers (Multi-lingual Support)-

The Prestashop Progressive Web App Creator allows store owners to target more audiences based on any geographical area. All the eCommerce web store languages are added to the eCommerce PWA App. The multi-lingual Progressive Web App allows the customers to translate the shopping app into the desired language and browse products with ease.

6. Easy Transactions (All Payment Method Support)-

The Prestashop PWA Mobile App helps the customers to perform easy transactions. The module allows the eCommerce store merchant to include all the web store payment and shipping options in the shopping app. The Progressive Web App allows customers to choose the desired payment method at the time of purchase.

7. Automatic Inventory Update-

Updating product inventory and data on the website and app requires eCommerce merchants to put in a lot of manual effort. The Prestashop eCommerce PWA Mobile App allows the store admin to perform all product inventory and data changes in the PWA App automatically. The reason behind that is the eCommerce store inventory is fully synchronized with the Progressive Web App and gets updated on its own.

8. Unlimited Push Notifications –

Even if the users are not using the eCommerce PWA app and their smartphone screens are turned off, the push notification can be sent to the mobile device. The store admin can send and manage push notifications based on the most recent offers, sales, and updates, etc. The push notifications can be sent manually or automatically on the user’s smartphone.

9. Offline Access-

The PrestaShop Progressive Web App is extremely lightweight and smooth to use. The offline feature ensures that the PWA app runs smoothly on the user’s device even when there is no internet connection. That’s why the Progressive Web App is less likely to crash and is faster than a native app. More customers are drawn to the mobile app to get a quicker and smoother browsing experience, which will boost their shopping experience.


The module ensures that the PWA app runs seamlessly on both Android and iOS platforms. The Progressive Web App has the potential to improve the user shopping experience on mobile devices and increases user engagement and drives conversion rates. The maintenance of the PWA app is also easy as compared to native Android and iOS apps. To know more, contact us at

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