Everything You Need To Know About PrestaShop PWA Mobile App

Although Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are a lot more common nowadays some smartphone users & online businesses may still not be aware of everything about it. Well, there is nothing to worry about as in this write-up, we will help you gain basic knowledge about everything related to PrestaShop PWA Mobile App.

Firstly, Progressive Web Apps are web applications that look & appear to work as a regular mobile app. This is because PWAs run on the internet browsers but they use ‘Service Workers’ & ‘web app manifest’ to have the appearance & some of the functionalities of a native mobile app.

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Progressive Web Apps can be installed on users’ devices directly from the mobile website of that particular company. PWAs don’t need to be published in the app stores. For example, PWA of Starbucks can be installed directly from Starbucks mobile website. PWA of Starbucks can also be installed on desktops & laptops from the same Starbucks’s website. Upon visiting a PWA active mobile website, visitors are greeted with an ‘Add-To-HomeScreen’ popup. Upon clicking it, the PWA gets installed on the user’s device.

PrestaShop PWA Mobile App:

A PrestaShop store can also have a Progressive Web App & it is as simple as installing a clutter-free module. Although one can spend months to configure & program a PWA & its dashboard with the use of a PrestaShop PWA Builder Module, owning & launching a PWA gets way more convenient & time-consuming for the store owners.

The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App module is an automated plugin that builds a customizable PWA for your PrestaShop store. This module has been developed by KnowBand plugins, a leading eCommerce solution provider across the globe. Apart from providing a great frontend to the app users, this app maker module also offers a feature-rich backend to the store admins.

There is no need for programming if you are using this module to create your PrestaShop Mobile App. With this, you can get your PWA up & run & live in just a day or two.

Steps To Build & Launch A PrestaShop PWA Mobile App:

1. Purchase the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Builder module & install it on your website.
2. Fill the app pre-requisite form.
3. Review your PrestaShop PWA before making it live.

Core Features Of the PrestaShop PWA Builder Module:

1. Multi-Currency & Multi-Lingual App:

PWA apps build using this module support multiple international currencies & languages including the RTL scripts like Arabic.

2. DIY Home-Page Layout Builder:

This PrestaShop PWA maker module contains a home-page layout builder on the backend using which store admins can design & edit their layouts without having to code.

3. Unlimited Push Notifications:

Store admins can send unlimited push notifications to their app users. There is no boundation or limitation on this with this module.

Apart from the features listed above, a bunch of other features is offered in the PrestaShop PWA build using this module, such as-

1. Facebook & Google Login
2. Address pre-saving in ‘My-Account’ section
3. Enhanced layered navigation
4. Language & currency selection
5. List & grid view of products
6. Multiple social sharing options
7. Coupon & voucher support
8. One-Page Checkout
9. All payment & shipment methods of the website
10. Order Tracking
11. Personalized Push Notifications
& a lot more.


That’s all you would need to know about PrestaShop PWA before you decide to build & launch your own web app. To know more about this PrestaShop PWA Builder module, make sure to have a look at its youtube video & its admin demo link. The Progressive Web App Maker is also available for other eCommerce platforms like OpenCart, Magento, WooCommerce. These would help you get a better view of what such a PWA functions & how it can be customized without any efforts.

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