Tailored Mobile App Builder extensions for your Prestashop stores

The eCommerce Mobile App has now become the best platform for online businesses to reach out to their likely customers. Pretty much every individual on the planet utilizes mobile devices these days for online product purchases in their day-to-day lives. Talking about online businesses, eCommerce organizations are making the awesome of their business utilizing their native shopping apps. Regardless of whether the business is a beginner or has been there for some time, each eCommerce store should have an eCommerce shopping app with all the necessary features that make the difference. 

eCommerce businesses that have their website built utilizing the PrestaShop CMS platform have an additional preferred position with regards to building a Native Mobile App (Android and iOS) and Progressive Web Apps. With the utilization of Mobile App Builder addons, the PrestaShop store proprietors can undoubtedly begin selling on their mobile apps without a lot of manual exertion and less specialized information. 

When you think about Knowband, you get to have two such Prestashop modules that are incredible for your eCommerce store. The two eCommerce mobile apps solutions are:

Prestashop Mobile App Builder

PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Builder 

Both the above-recorded modules can assemble an undeniable eCommerce PrestaShop Mobile App that stays synchronized with its PrestaShop website inventory and database (the eCommerce website on which this extension is introduced). In basic words, the mobile app for PrestaShop will be overseen all alone according to the inventory updates and changes. 

The Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are not intended to be published on any of the Apple App Stores and Google Play stores. All things being equal, these are made live on the mobile URL of the eCommerce website. At whatever point customers visit such a PWA dynamic website on their mobile phones, they are welcomed with an ‘Add-To-Home Screen’ button. After clicking it, the PWA Mobile App gets added on the user’s mobile devices in a second or two. The apps will closely resemble some other applications. 

The Native Mobile Apps are the ones that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or App Store. The native apps need a stable internet connection to access all the products and services.

Steps to launching the Prestashop mobile apps

#1. Buy and install the extension on the PrestaShop store. 

#2. Share required details to build an app. 

#3. Review the final shopping app and confirm for publishing. 

Since eCommerce PWA looks extremely indistinguishable from native shopping apps, a significant number of the highlights are additionally the same in both the Prestashop plugins by KnowBand.

Similarities between Prestashop mobile app builder & Prestashop PWA app maker

1. White-Label Solution

The PrestaShop Mobile App developers offer white-label arrangements. The store proprietor can redo the shopping app anyway they need to hold a similar brand to each business. They can likewise add their mobile app symbol, app name, brand logo, and much more. 

2. Do-It-Yourself Home-Page Editor

In the backend of the eCommerce mobile app creator extensions, the store admin gets to re-design and alter the home page layout format of the mobile app whenever (even after the app is live). A ton of simple to-utilize altering tools are given on this editor like set standards, sliders, network, redirect links, and even starting countdown timer sale on the homepage. Alongside the home screen, colors, textual style, tab bar, logo, and so on can likewise be modified from the admin board. 

3. Real-time synchronization 

The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator addon concocts 100% ongoing sync with the website inventory. Likewise, the Progressive Web App for PrestaShop features real-time synchronization. All changes/additions made to the online store inventory (products/categories etc.)  will be done immediately on the eCommerce app in a matter of seconds. 

4. Limitless Push Notifications

Store merchants can send an unlimited number of push notifications to their mobile app users. Some basic eCommerce push notifications can even be automated from the admin panel. The template format of push notifications can be set and altered from the admin panel according to the requirement. 

5. Quick Login options

The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator has inbuilt Google, Facebook, Fingerprint, and Phone Number (OTP) login choices for quick user onboarding. The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Creator also features quick login options with Facebook and Google.

6. All Payment and Shipping Methods support

The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator supports a wide range of website payment and shipping strategies on both native and eCommerce PWA mobile apps.

7. Multi-Lingual and Multi-Currency Support

The PWA for Prestashop and Native shopping app constructed utilizing the Mobile App Builder extensions, offer help for multiple languages and monetary forms. Indeed, even the Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and so forth (RTL contents) are supported on the PrestaShop Mobile Apps.  

8. Single-page Checkout

The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator consists of a single-page checkout option that allows users to easily get through the checkout process. The information also comes across twice to the user’s screen for confirmation before the transaction. 

9. Product Reviews and Related Product

The PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App Maker features the website rating/reviews and related products on the shopping apps. The users even get the choice to compose and see surveys on the mobile app.

10 .WhatsApp and Zopim Chat Support

The eCommerce mobile app users will associate with the store admin straightforwardly with the assistance of the WhatsApp and Zopim chat mediums. The store admin can pick the ideal support choice from the admin panel of the PrestaShop Mobile App Maker as well as the eCommerce PWA. 

Differences between Prestashop Native app & PrestaShop PWA Mobile App

1.Weight of the apps

Where the native apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or App Store, they weigh in MBs, the eCommerce PWAs don’t need to be downloaded. They can simply be added to the home screen of the smartphone by visiting the eCommerce website.

2. Platform-Specific

The Prestashop mobile app is a platform-specific app and requires Google App Store and Apple Play Store to be launched. The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App can easily be added to the user’s home screen directly from the eCommerce website without the need to support any platform and third-party app. 


Now that you know all about the Prestashop mobile app add-ons available at Knowband, you can choose from them as per your business type and need. eCommerce mobile app is a necessity in today’s time and you as an eCommerce merchant should take this seriously. You can send us an email at support@knowband.com for more information.

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