Take your store mobile with the Prestashop Mobile App Builder

Gone are the days when everybody used their PCs and laptops for perusing the web or shopping online. Presently, online customers have turned towards shopping on their mobile gadgets because of their mobility and user-friendliness. To stay aware of this move, most eCommerce businesses have effectively made themselves unmistakable and discoverable on mobile platforms. By presenting a Mobile App and by supplanting the mobile website with a Prestashop eCommerce mobile app, eCommerce firms are arriving at new statures in a more limited measure of time yet with considerably fewer efforts.

In this blog, we will direct you on how you can take your own PrestaShop store mobile using your own Prestashop eCommerce mobile app extension. Until a few years, eCommerce store proprietors needed to program their Shopping App without any preparation. Furthermore, recruit a developer on the off chance that they come from a non-specialized foundation. This burned through pointless time and included manual coding the app requiring a lot of effort too. Fortunately, things have changed with the advancements. Presently with the mechanical advancements and simpler approaches, the process is made easy. Building and launching an undeniable eCommerce shopping app is undeniably more advantageous and financially smarter for the pocket.

Information about the PrestaShop Mobile App

Also called the Native apps, mobile app for eCommerce are the most well-known and popular sort of shopping apps. These eCommerce mobile apps are easily installed in a mobile gadget by loading them from the Google Play Store/Apple App Store. If you choose to launch your PrestaShop Mobile App, you would need to distribute your APK record on the Play Store and IPA document on the App store. Interestingly, you will not need to stress over building or distributing these app records for your PrestaShop store. The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder module deals with that while handling everything for you.

Steps to launch a PrestaShop Mobile App

Stage 1

Purchase the PrestaShop Mobile App Creator Module.

Stage 2

Install the module and fill app pre-imperative form. (Shared after order is set).

Stage 3

Review your Apps before delivering on the App Stores.

For Prestashop mobile app maker, the store proprietors get a free 3-month support period. Thus, you can reach out to the support team at KnowBand for any help without stressing overpaying any extra sum.

The Prestashop Android app builder provides a number of stunning features that you should know about before your hands into it.

Key features of the Prestashop eCommerce mobile app extension

  1. Push Notifications

    The mobile apps created with the Prestashop iOS app builder support push notifications in fundamentally the best way. However, the plus point with this Prestashop addon is that it gives a limitless number of push notifications. With these, the store admin can ship off to the app users at any point in time.

  2. Multi-Currency and Multi-Lingual Support

    Your PrestaShop Mobile App will support multiple worldwide monetary forms and their particular languages. This Prestashop eCommerce mobile app extension even has support for RTL contents like Arabic, Persian, and so forth.

  3. Offline Accessibility

    Your app users can likewise get to your PrestaShop Mobile App when they are offline or are under a lethargic web network. They can re-access their previously visited product pages, class pages, cart, wishlist, account page, orders page, and so forth with the help of the Prestashop mobile app builder.

  4. Live Synchronization

    The store admin doesn’t have to stress over separately dealing with their app and the website. With the Prestashop mobile app creator module, your mobile app will consistently be progressively synchronized with one another. This keeps the stock administration programmed too.

  5. All Payment and Shipment Options

    With the PrestaShop Mobile App Maker, the entirety of the payment and shipment methods dynamic on your PrestaShop website will naturally be dynamic on your mobile app. The same is the situation for coupon support also.

  6. Completely Customizable Mobile App

    Regardless of whether you decide to launch a native shopping app with their particular plugin, you will actually want to effectively customize and modify your eCommerce mobile app using the rearranged backend of the module. Store admin can customize the homepage format using its DIY Home-Page editor (with live preview).

There are much more highlights offered with the Prestashop eCommerce mobile app extension. For example, social login, social sharing, improved layered navigation, and the rundown goes on. Don’t hesitate to check it out. Check out the product page and you’ll find it all here: https://www.knowband.com/prestashop-mobile-app-builder



As the usage and demand of shopping apps grew a ton, constructing and dispatching an eCommerce Mobile App has gotten certainly more affordable and less complex. Without the need to go during a time on programming and surveying, the Prestashop eCommerce mobile app builder module helps the store owners productively convey their store to a mobile app. If you have been going for something basically the same, go on and assess the option before you launch your own eCommerce mobile app. Check out the links below to know more about the Prestashop addon.

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