Simplify Checkout and Boost Conversions with PrestaShop Fast Checkout Addon by Knowband

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, every second counts, especially during the checkout process. Cart abandonment rates soar when the checkout experience is lengthy, complicated, or cumbersome. To combat this challenge, PrestaShop store owners need a solution that streamlines the checkout process without compromising on security or functionality. Enter Knowband’s PrestaShop Fast Checkout Addon —a powerful tool designed to simplify checkout and drive conversions.

Why Focus on Checkout Speed?

Checkout speed is crucial for several reasons:

  • User Experience: A lengthy checkout process frustrates customers, leading to abandoned carts and lost sales. By offering a fast and seamless checkout experience, you can improve user satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Streamlining the checkout process removes barriers to purchase, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased revenue.
  • Competitive Advantage: In today’s competitive eCommerce landscape, providing a faster checkout experience sets you apart from competitors and enhances your brand reputation.

Introducing Knowband’s PrestaShop Fast Checkout Addon

Knowband’s PrestaShop Fast Checkout Addon


The PrestaShop Fast Checkout Addon is a feature-rich solution designed to enhance the checkout experience for PrestaShop store owners and their customers. Here’s what sets it apart:

One-Page Checkout: 

Say goodbye to multi-step checkout processes. With the Prestashop One Page Checkout, all checkout steps are consolidated into a single page, eliminating unnecessary clicks and page loads.

Guest Checkout Option: 

Simplify the checkout process further by allowing guest checkout. Customers can complete their purchases without creating an account, reducing friction and encouraging impulse buys.

Mobile Responsive: 

In the era of mobile shopping, it’s essential to offer a seamless checkout experience across all devices. Knowband’s quick checkout addon Prestashop is fully responsive, ensuring smooth checkout on smartphones and tablets.

Customizable Design: 

Tailor the checkout page to match your store’s branding and design aesthetics. Customize colors, fonts, and layout elements to create a cohesive shopping experience for your customers.

Integrated Address Autofill: 

Save customers time and effort by auto-filling address fields based on their postal code. This feature reduces errors and accelerates the checkout process, particularly on mobile devices.

Multiple Payment and Shipping Options: 

Offer flexibility at checkout with support for various payment methods and shipping options. From credit cards to digital wallets, ensure customers can pay the way they prefer.

Security and Compliance: 

Protect customer data with robust security measures and compliance with industry standards. Knowband’s addon ensures that sensitive information is encrypted and handled securely.

Get Started with Prestashop One Page Checkout Extension Today

Get Started with Prestashop One Page Checkout Extension Today


Ready to streamline your PrestaShop store’s checkout process and boost conversions? Here’s how to get started with the quick checkout addon for Prestashop:

  • Visit the Knowband website and explore the features of the PrestaShop Fast Checkout Addon.
  • Contact the Knowband team to discuss your requirements and get a personalized quote.
  • Once you’re ready to proceed, Knowband’s experts will assist you with the installation and configuration, ensuring a seamless integration with your PrestaShop store.

Don’t let cart abandonment hinder your PrestaShop store’s success. Invest in quick checkout extension Prestashop and provide your customers with a fast, convenient, and frictionless checkout experience that drives conversions and boosts revenue.


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