Prestashop Google Shopping Integration addon by Knowband

Prestashop Google Shopping Integration addon is one of the most promising plugins of Prestashop offered by Knowband. It offers some incredible features which are beneficial for your e-commerce business. Before, we look into the features, let’s understand Google and google shopping.

Google – renowned search engine

Google, an extremely renowned search engine that has already made a big name in the field of online business. Furthermore, it upgrades the growth chances of eCommerce stores to a very large level. First and foremost it greatly increases the odds of eCommerce stores growing. To begin with, it improves the performance of your eCommerce site by providing high-quality product feeds that allow you to reach the correct individuals with relevant product adverts. Online shopping sites can use Google Shopping to display item photos and prices in the top right area of search results. Furthermore, two platforms, AdWords and Google Merchant Center, have a considerable influence on Google shopping.

What is Prestashop Google Shopping Integration addon? 

Knowband’s Prestashop Google Shopping Integration addon provides a way to upload Prestashop store products to Google Shopping. Furthermore, displaying product advertising in search results is one of the methods for attracting thousands of visitors to an eCommerce website.Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Extension

Furthermore, the Prestashop Google Shopping Integration module syncs the store’s feed with the Google Merchant Center account automatically. It even allows the admin to use cron in the Google Shopping Prestashop Feed Synchronization plugin’s backend to sync the product status back to the store’s database.

Prestashop Google Shopping Integration addon Major benefits:

  • The Google Shopping addon automates the entire process of listing products on Google Shopping from an eCommerce site.
  • The admin may automatically change product inventory between the two stores from the backend using the Google Shopping Prestashop Integration plugin.

Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Extension

  • Provide real-time product and inventory synchronization between the Google Shopping API and the Prestashop store. This is a simple and straightforward method of achieving success in online enterprises.
  • Merchants can create several profiles in the backend with the Prestashop Google Shopping Integration extension.
  • Store merchants can list products in bulk using the profile-based upload capability. If any modifications to the product data are required, they can be performed by editing the profile from the addon’s backend.
  • In the ‘Product Listing’ tab of the Prestashop Google Shopping Integration addon, store admins may keep track of the products displayed in the Google merchant center.



How to Install Prestashop Google shopping integration plugin?

The admin will receive a zipped file along with the user documentation after purchasing this plugin from the Knowband store. To install the plugin, follow the steps below.

1: To add a new module, a merchant must go to the module listing page and click the “Add New Module” button.

2: The administrator must now upload the module’s downloaded zipped file.


3: The system will list the module on the module listing page once the uploading is complete.

4: The module will then be installed in your Prestashop store after you click the install button.


Note: Please set the read/write permissions on the module folder before installing the Google Shopping Prestashop Integration addon into the system.

Final Thoughts

Google Shopping allows store owners to display their merchandise on Google’s search results page. Furthermore, AdWords and Google Merchant Center are used. One of the strategies for allowing consumers to search for things on online shopping websites is Google Shopping. Also, compare pricing from various providers.

Why trusting on Knowband plugins is a great idea?

For any assistance in any of the modules, Knowband provides post-sales support to the customers. Therefore, customers can write Knowband team at Along with post-sales support, Knowband provides plugins for platforms such as Opencart, WooCommerce, Prestashop being one of them.

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