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The service provided by Google that allows clients to search for, view, and compare products is called Google Shopping. Also, known as Product Listing Ads.

These items are shown when a client utilizes Google to search for a product. From the main search engine results page or under the shopping tab, they can appear anywhere. For example, when a client types ‘red running shoes’ into Google, sponsored ads will appear at the top of the page. 

PrestaShop Google Shopping Extension

PrestaShop Google Shopping Integration Module by Knowband is one of the best extensions which should be considered by each eCommerce owner. This plugin permits clients to search for, view, and compare products on the Google search page. PrestaShop store merchants can map products to Google shopping using PrestaShop Google Shopping Extension.

Using this plugin, store owners can map the entire PrestaShop category to Google shopping. One of the best aspects of this plugin is that it is compatible with the multi-shop environment. Products based on specific conditions such as products below a specific price, products without unique identifiers (EAN13/JAN or UPC) can be excluded by merchants using PrestaShop Google Shopping Integration. This plugin help in managing the multiple attribute groups for Color, Size, Gender, Pattern, and many more.

The Functionality of Google Shopping Integration Module

Prestashop Google Shopping API Integration needs to be installed and configure. If you are facing any problem while installing, developers have provided a user manual including step-by-step details to configure the module. The admin will be able to use the integration to automate the listing process once the configuration has been completed.

PrestaShop store admin needs to generate the API keys for setting up the Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Addon. It is easy to manage the Google Shopping store listing once the setup has been completed.

Major Features Of PrestaShop Google Shopping Extension

1.Provide the Option Of Profile Management

Profile management feature permits the store admin to choose the basic settings to list the product such as store category selection, currency, language, and other required fields.The Prestashop Google Shopping Integration permit store admin to use the placeholders for the product description like – id_product} {product_title} {manufacturer_name} {price}. Prestashop Google Shopping Integrator offers a feature under the Profile Management category, which is “Exclude Products”. Admin gets a feature to exclude products that are out of stock and are less in price than a specified price and products under the general setting tab. These products lack UPC or EAN numbers.

Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Extension for the admin provides the facility of tracking the traffic. This comes to the eCommerce store by using UTM parameters.

2.PrestaShop Google Shopping Synchronizer Provide Synchronization Feature

The admin needs to run the CRON when it’s about automating the product listing, order synchronization, and product status update. Using this module, the admin can set this CRON for a certain time. Once the CRON runs the automated process, the data between the PrestaShop and Google Shopping will be synchronized. The local sync permits the admin to synchronize the item from the PrestaShop store to the Prestashop Google Shopping Feed Integration. This tab is accessible under the synchronization tab of the PrestaShop Google Shopping Integration Extension.

Store admin can sync the feeds from the PrestaShop Store to Google Shopping with the help of the sync feed feature. The admin can update the Google shopping listing status of the products by clicking the “Sync Product Status”. Assist in tracking the status of the item on the item listing page of the Prestashop Google Shopping Integrator.

3.Google Shopping Synchronizer Offer Audit Logs Feature

Store admin can keep track of all the tasks performed by checking the audit logs of this addon.


The Prestashop Google Shopping module is the one-stop solution for eCommerce store owners because it is well structured, fast, and reliable. Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Module by Knowband is a must-have on your eCommerce store because Knowband plugins have been designed especially for boosting up the functionality of eCommerce platforms. Knowband developers have been designing plugins for platforms such as OpenCart, PrestaShop, Magneto, and Shopify.

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