How to create new stores with Prestashop pick-up module?

Displaying the store locator on the website becomes easier with Prestashop pick-up module from Knowband. Furthermore, clients can use the e-merchant to check shop availability and customers may locate the nearest store and pick up the item. Moreover, the addon allows the admin to offer consumers the option of picking up their orders. With the assistance of Prestashop Store Pick Up the Plugin, e-merchant can display store information on a Google map and can get driving directions as well.

 Prestashop pick-up module

The Google Maps Store Locator plugin for PrestaShop is highly customizable. Further, the distance, contact number, and store timing can all be displayed by the admin. PrestaShop in-store pickup module has a simple user interface and is easy to set up for the administrator. One of the biggest advantages of the module is, it supports multiple languages. 

How advantageous is Prestashop’s in-store pickup addon?

Feature 1: Offers incredible features

Prestashop in-store pickup addon offers some incredible features, one of them is activating the store finder and pickup capability just by toggling a button.

 Prestashop pick-up module

Feature 2: Display a phone number

An image can be used as a Google map marker, and the zoom level of the map can be changed by the e-merchant. Moreover, The Prestashop plugin also allows the Prestashop owner to display a phone number. The client can look for a store just by mentioning the distance in kilometers or miles. 

 Prestashop pick-up module

Feature 3: Display store locator on the homepage

Prestashop store pick-up plugin allows store merchants to display the store locator on the homepage. Furthermore, various stores can be added as well as displayed on the Google map by the Prestashop admin. Store admin can also choose the default store.

 Prestashop pick-up module

How to create new stores with Prestashop store locator and pickup addon?

  • Creating new stores with Prestashop Store Locator and Pickup Addon is easier. From the admin interface, the store administrator can create new stores. Further, the addon allows merchants to add, delete, and amend store-related details using the addon.

 Prestashop pick-up module

  • Prestashop Store locator add-on even allows merchants to see a list of all the stores and easily add new ones from the admin interface. From the admin panel, the store administrator may quickly add a store. A screen similar to the one below will appear after pressing the “create new store” button.

 Prestashop pick-up module

  • Moreover, the store administrator can quickly add the store’s name, full address, and contact information. The admin can also set the picture, status, and timing in the Prestashop pick-up module.

 Prestashop pick-up module

  • The admin can also set the picture, status, and timing in the Prestashop pick-up module.

 Prestashop pick-up module

  • The store’s working hours can be easily entered by the administrator. 

 Prestashop pick-up module

  • On the front end, customers can see the store as follows:

 Prestashop pick-up module

Latest features of Prestashop store pick up plugin

Developers have added the latest features in the Prestashop Store Pickup plugin. Now, the admin can enable all their stores with just a toggle of a button. Furthermore, store merchants can permit clients to view store lists for respective locations as they move Google Map.

In the end

Knowband’s Prestashop store locator and pickup addon allows retail merchants to highlight their store in a certain location. With the help of this addon, store visitors can identify the nearest store which sells the product they desire. Moreover, the addon gives the merchant the freedom to display a store locator with extra information such as distance, phone number, name, and timing. 

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