Find the nearest store with a Prestashop store pickup module

Prestashop store pickup module from Knowband displays a store locator on the website. Further, with the assistance of this module, online admin can permit clients to search the store availability. Customers may locate the nearest store and pick up the item. The PrestaShop store pickup extension even allows the admin to offer consumers the option of picking up their orders. The e-merchant can also display store information on a Google map. Customers can get driving directions as well.

Prestashop store pickup module

How beneficial is PrestaShop store locator and pickup addon?

  • With this Prestashop store pick-up plugin, the admin can offer an in-store pickup facility to the customers. Moreover, Prestashop admin can perform both the tasks- enabling and disabling just by a button toggle. The store location and pickup functionality are both readily activated by the admin.
  • Shop admin can generate the Google map API key. The admin can use the PrestaShop store location and pickup addon to configure an image as a Google map marker and the map’s zoom level. Further, the distance units can be set in kilometers or miles by the e-merchant. The PrestaShop Google Maps Store Locator module allows the administrator to choose which stores should be displayed on the Google map. The default store can also be chosen by the administrator.

Prestashop store pickup module

  • Admin can show store’s contact numbers. Moreover, the Google Maps Store Locator plugin for PrestaShop lets you display a “Get Directions” link. Customers can view the directions to the store by clicking on this link. The Prestashop store pickup module allows you to display website URLs next to your store’s location on Google Maps. Customers can also see the URL for the store’s website as well as other information.

Prestashop store pickup module

Other Features :

  • The store admin can display store photos in the store locator block’s stores list. Further, settings for displaying and hiding the store image can be done by the Prestashop store locator add-on. While implementing in-store pickup capabilities, the Prestashop store pickup module allows the store admin to impose national limitations.
  • Admin can enable or disable the functionality to display the shop locator banner on the store locator page. Further, the admin can enable or disable the date calendar for order pickup. The administrator can even specify the number of days to wait after placing an order before picking up the delivery. The admin can set the maximum pickup days using the PrestaShop in-store pickup addon.

Prestashop store pickup module

  • Admin can customize the date and time format. From the admin interface of this PrestaShop-related product extension, the admin can enable the settings to display the pick-up time slot. After making an order, the admin can set the minimum wait time.
  • The admin can send an email to the pick-up stores informing them of the order. The PrestaShop pick-up module includes email templates that are ready to use. The admin can retrieve a sample file in CSV format using the PrestaShop Google Maps Store Locator plugin. Furthermore, to import store contacts, the admin can alternatively upload a CSV file.
  • By entering the duration, the admin can download the delivery slip. The PrestaShop in-store pickup extension supports multiple languages.

Prestashop store pickup module

What are additional features offered by the Prestashop store locator module in its latest version?

Store list can be viewed by customers as they travel around the map if the function Search As I Move the Map is enabled by the admin. Furthermore, Maps by Google Admins may easily enable all accessible stores using the Prestashop store finder module by simply toggling a button.


The Google Maps Store Locator plugin for PrestaShop is highly customizable. Further, the distance, contact number, and store timing can all be displayed by the administrator. PrestaShop’s in-store pickup module even has a simple user interface. This PrestaShop extension is simple to set up for the administrator. Also, the PrestaShop shop pickup plugin supports multiple languages.

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