The best Prestashop addons to boost customers retention

Customer retention is something that every business has to deal with. Whether it is a retail brand or an eCommerce business, holding a customer for a longer period is a task. In addition, bringing them back is another story. To keep the customers satisfied and coming back for more, the eCommerce companies bring forth numerous options. Furthermore, they bring discounts, sales, and other engaging activities that are hard for any shopper to ignore. We’ve compiled a list of Prestashop addons for all the store owners which can boost customer retention. In addition, increase sales of the eCommerce store. Interested in knowing them?

Go ahead and read the following Prestashop modules for enhancing customer retention on your eCommerce store.

Customer Retention Prestashop Addons for your eCommerce store

Spin and Win

When you want to increase customer engagement on your website, the first thing that should cross your mind is the Prestashop Spin and Win module. The Prestashop interactive pop up addon is a gamified technique that allows the customers to come on-board, spin the wheel, and get attractive discounts. Well, as an e-merchant, your benefits would be an accumulation of email addresses just before providing the gift/discount to the shopper. You can take forth the email ID and use it as an email marketing technique to follow up with the shopper.
Customizing the Spin Wheel Addon as per your own need, you can choose the color of the background, the number of slices, the color of slices, and a lot more. It certainly is a must-have.

Spin and Win

Abandoned Cart

Aren’t we all disappointed when the customers leave the website after adding the products to the cart? Every eCommerce store faces this situation of customers bouncing from the website without completing their purchase and that’s what is called abandoning the cart. The Prestashop Abandoned Cart Module is what comes forth as a savior for your low conversions. The Prestashop abandoned cart reminder addon helps the admin to track all the abandoned carts of the website and works toward converting them with the help of email follow-ups. With the help of the ready-made email template, a notification is sent to the shopper regarding the product in the cart and why should they buy it right away.
This way, you can put forth a discount on that product or a specific category that the user was browsing through as a push towards the conversion of the visitor into a customer.

abandoned cart

Product Update Notification

Are your customers leaving because the products are out of stock or they are very pricey? You can engage them even when they are not in a mood to buy the product. In addition, when they don’t like the price or they cannot find it. With the help of the Prestashop Product Update Notification addon, you can let them subscribe both just by providing their email address.
The module lets the customers get notified about a product that they wish to buy. Even when it is out-of-stock or even in-stock. The template notifies the customers via email that the product is back in stock or when the price has changed.


Reward Points

Do you know how much customers love when they get to convert their points into actual money while shopping? The Prestashop Reward Points addon is a great way to keep bringing back the customers to shop because when they shop, they earn reward points and when that happens, they would come back again and again. Customers will be able to get discounts on further purchases by using these points. Moreover, they will also be able to share the points with friends or relatives as well.



Customer retention is a key aspect of any eCommerce store’s success. If you want to make sure that customers keep coming back, having these small yet functional Prestashop addons is a must-have.

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