The stunning advantages of the Prestashop FB Store by Knowband

The Prestashop FB Store is also referred to as the Prestashop Facebook Shop Addon. It is a stunning way to connect your fan page to the most popular social networking site. You are not operating to your full potential if you do not have your eCommerce business on Facebook.

For your eCommerce business, having a Facebook store is critical. Furthermore, if you use Prestashop, you should look at the Prestashop Facebook Store Setup.

What is the purpose of the Prestashop Facebook store?

The Prestashop Facebook Store Integration allows you to connect your Facebook fan page to your PrestaShop business. In fact, it also allows the administrator to use Google Analytics to evaluate sales data.

The benefits of Knowband’s Prestashop Facebook shop integration are discussed in this blog.

The Advantages of the Prestashop FB Store by Knowband

Incorporates your Facebook fan page

The Prestashop Facebook shop integration connects your Facebook fan page to your Prestashop store. Hence, your brand will be able to reach a much larger audience.

Items are automatically listed

The store admin may set the auto listing of their items on their Facebook store using the Prestashop Facebook integration. As a result, there will be less confusion while managing the business and the Facebook page independently.

The administrator can select things from the Facebook shop

If the store administrator needs to display some selected items on the store’s Facebook page, he may do so with FB store integration Prestashop. Furthermore to that, he may share the chosen items with all of his Facebook followers.

Revenue increase using the Prestashop FB shop integration

Prestashop FB store integration is in charge of increasing your revenue. In fact, it also aids in the development of client trust in your brand.

Creates verifiable followers

There isn’t anything in this module that you have to pay for. Furthermore, Prestashop FB Shop aids in the acquisition of genuine likes and followers for your business.

Prestashop FB Store allows customers to check out your items directly from your Facebook profile

By creating a Shop Tab on your Facebook Fan Page, you can allow your fans to check out your items with the help of the Prestashop Facebook store.

Google Analytics may be used to track sales progress

The Prestashop Facebook integration uses Google Analytics to track the evolution of sales in your admin panel. Furthermore, the admin may sort out the progressions in the layout of the sales with just a few flips.

The module connects any number of pages and makes it easier to handle them on one side

The admin of the Prestashop FB Store may connect to a large number of pages. Additionally, the Prestashop plugin controls them to one side.

Changing the module’s appearance and feel is straightforward

From the back-end, the store administrator can modify the design and feel of the Prestashop FB Shop at any moment.

The Facebook store has enticing things on display

On your Facebook Store, the Prestashop module presents the perfect items and classifications.

In the End

Do you require certified followers from your visitors? Do you also require a rise in the number of favorites and followers on the social media platform? The Prestashop FB Store is a must-have for each Prestashop user. Why would you want to stay back when there are so many benefits and such a small price to pay?

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