How is the Prestashop Spin and Win module a help your store?

So, what does the Prestashop Spin and Win module do?

The Prestashop subscription pop up addon is all about featuring a spinning wheel on the front-end of the store that gives a one-time opportunity to the users to earn rewards and prizes.

The Prestashop Spin and Win Addon is a Gamified technique that allows the store owners to acquire more email ids as well as build potential customers for their eCommerce store. The admin can display the Prestashop interactive popup at the entry or exit to the customer. The Prestashop Spin and Win module give the freedom to the owner that he/she can display the popup anywhere on the site. Making the demonstration of entering the email a good time for the customers, the Prestashop Exit Intent popup addon effectively diverts them to the checkout page with some amazing offers.

This blog talks about the ways with which the Prestashop Email Subscription pop up addon helps your eCommerce store.

Expands the website traffic

A superior and appealing UI of the site can bait more customers. Despite the fact that numerous other components influence the purchase choice of the customers, the look and feel of the site is one angle that can captivate them to remain in the store. Any tedious or monotonous-looking site can put down the peruse goal of your intended audience. The gamified method to part with the offers is something that interests the customers to visit your site over and over. Not just this, who doesn’t like free coupons? Thus, the whole situation is in place so that the customer feels as though he/she has blasted an arrangement or deal. And what can be superior to make them spin the wheel to get the offers?

Better customer engagement

As referenced earlier in the blog, a superior UI is an effortless method to keep the visitors connected for a more extended timeframe. While a coupon 15% discount is useless for the customers when all is said in done, the sensational method to get a similar offer will make it advantageous. Another striking element of the Prestashop Newsletter Subscription popup addon is that is a preferred alternative over the leave pop-ups. Add a spin and win module to your online store and this can effortlessly handicap the exit expectation of the visitors. More noteworthy customer engagement is the way to more prominent conversions. Thus, the playful Spin Wheel Addon alternative will eventually help your conversions.

Helps Email marketing and remarketing

The customers can spin the wheel of the Prestashop Spin and Win Addon solely after entering the email ids. Henceforth, the leave spring up can even build the database of the customer ids you have. Alongside this, the store proprietors get an extra component in this spin wheel addon. The guest can spin the wheel just a single time with a single id. Consequently, one individual can’t pick multiple coupons. Additionally, the playful spin and win module can get the customers snared and they even will in general enter multiple email ids. Henceforth, this encourages the email marketing campaign of the store proprietor. The limited-time messages are deliverable to a more prominent audience. Thus, the odds of conversions increase eventually.

Diminishes the bounce rate because of irritating pop-ups

The pop ups have been used for an extremely lengthy timespan to check the exit rate of the visitors. Nonetheless, it accuses of irritating the customers. Prestashop Exit Intent Pop Up is one to prevent the visitors from leaving the site without irritating them. The best thing about this spin and win module is that the store proprietors can even control the recurrence of the wheel display. Thus, the appealing spin and win module diminish the bounce and exit rates. The additional time the customers spend on the site, the more will be the odds of conversions.

Encourages the purchase choice of the customers

The prizes won by spinning the wheel can be effectively used while shopping with the Prestashop Spin and Win module. The coupon code generates consequently in this Prestashop spin and win module. The customers can duplicate the code and paste it in the Voucher Code section of the checkout page. Not just this, the customers receive the coupon code through email. This can encourage the purchase choice of the visitors and urge them to go to the checkout page.


Since you know the various ways with which the Prestashop Email Subscription pop up addon is useful for your eCommerce business. It is a must-have for sure. Check out the Prestashop Spin and Win module at Knowband and take your business higher than any time in recent memory.

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