The only benefits of the Prestashop Google ReCaptcha to know

Which eCommerce store proprietor wants spambots to attack his/her website?


Every eCommerce marketer wants a clean and spambot-free website where the content is safe. If you too want only human entities to enter the website and keep the spamming bots at bay, the Prestashop Google ReCaptcha module is a must-have.

The Prestashop Google ReCaptcha addon ensures that everyone that comes to your store is genuinely human and no spambot gets entry at any level for sure.


Because spambots harm the content and the credibility of an eCommerce store. Whether it is through the homepage, registration page, checkout page, or any other level.

This blog talks about the various benefits of having a Google ReCaptcha Module on your Prestashop store.

Benefits of Human verification system for the store owners

The ease of installation and configuration of the Google ReCaptcha addon

The very first benefit of having the Prestashop Google ReCaptcha addon is the ease of handling it. To start with, the Prestashop module is an extremely easy one when it comes to its installation and configuration. The store admin needs no technical know-how while adding the module in the store. To help him/her through, the User manual is of great help.

The module is the best way to safeguard your website

When it comes to keeping your website and its content safe, there’s nothing like the protection provided by the Google ReCaptcha Module. The Prestashop addon provides the safety that your website needs from spamming entities.

Human verification system safeguards the website from spam registrations/messages/comments

One module and solves the problem with the safety of your website from spamming entities. You can depend on the Prestashop Google ReCaptcha module to safeguard your website from spam registrations, spam comments, and spam messages at once.

The admin can decide the placement of the ReCaptcha box

With the help of the Google ReCaptcha addon, the store can easily decide to display the Google Recaptcha box on various pages including the login page, registration page, contact page, and checkout page. The admin can easily choose all the pages or any of them depending on the need of the eCommerce store.

Forgotten password/Newsletter subscription functionality

When the customer forgets the password, the store admin can allow them to login with the help of the Human verification module. Also, when it comes to signing up for the newsletter, the admin urges the visitor to click on the ReCaptcha box first and then subscribe to the newsletter to avoid any fraud.

Choice of the number of trials before displaying the ReCaptcha

The store admin can adjust the number of trials before the ReCaptcha displays on the front-end. It is generally set to zero (0) so the entity coming to the website clicks at once and enters the website for browsing.

A step-by-step process for Site Key and Secret Key

The Prestashop Google ReCaptcha addon provides systematic steps to get the Site Key and Secret Key.

Choice of theme color

The store admin can choose the theme colour for the ReCaptcha display as per their site theme as per the Google ReCaptcha Module.

Custom CSS and JS code

The store admin can add the custom CSS and JS code from the back-end.


Having the Prestashop Google ReCaptcha addon on your eCommerce store safeguards your store and its content. It keeps the harmful entities at bay and protects your website in every possible way that it should. It is not hard for humans to click on the ReCaptcha box while the spambots can do the same. What do you think about the Human verification system? Do you want to integrate the Prestashop addon in your store?

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