The Perfect Way to Secure Your Website is with Prestashop Google ReCaptcha addon

This comes as no surprise that websites have gone from generating a lot of revenue to earning nothing. One of the biggest reasons for this has been spambots. The spam registrations, comments, messages, and more often harm the website and its content leading to deteriorating the website’s ranking and worth. To avoid such situations, the Prestashop Google reCaptcha was introduced. The Prestashop addon by Knowband is designed to provide the website absolute security from spam websites and the harm that they can cause.

If you are interested in securing your online business and allow only the human entities to access the site as well as keep the bots at bay, the Prestashop human verification module would be the ideal one.

Know more about the features and benefits of the Prestashop addon below.

The benefits of the Prestashop human verification module for the Admin:

1. Easy installation and configuration

The module is easy to install and configure.

2. Safety of the website from spambots/spam registrations/spam messages/spam comments

The Prestashop Google reCaptcha addon protects Spambots. Not only this, but the Prestashop plugin also makes sure that the website is safe from other spamming entities like spam registrations, spam messages, and spam comments. All these are the reasons why a website loses its credibility as they collect the email addresses from the websites to build mailing lists for sending unsolicited e-mail, also known as spam.

3. The placement of the Prestashop Google ReCaptcha icon

The Prestashop store admin can choose the pages to display the Google ReCaptcha addon. He can easily enable this feature on all or any of the following pages:

  • Login page
  • Registration page
  • Contact page
  • Forgotten password page; and 
  • Checkout page

4. Select the number of trials on the front-end

The store admin can choose the number of trials before ReCaptcha is displayed from the back office of the PrestaShop Google reCaptcha. If set on on ‘0’, the ReCaptcha icon will be shown on the first attempt itself.

5. The site key and secret key

Knowband provides step-by-step instructions to get the Site Key and Secret Key with the module. The store admin can easily get a better understanding of the same by going through the user manual provided on the product page of the Prestashop Google ReCaptcha addon. Also, by checking out the Admin demo and the Front-end Demo, the admin will have a clearer view of the actual module.

6. Easy customization of the look and feel

The store admin can seamlessly change the look and feel of the module on the front end. He can choose the colors from light and dark to be displayed on the front-end.

7. Custom CSS and JS code

The store admin can add custom CSS and JS code to the Prestashop addon.

Now, that you know the benefits of having the Prestashop Google ReCaptcha module on your website, check out the stunning features of the same.

Features of the Prestashop Google ReCaptcha addon:

1. Easy to install and configure.  

2. Improves website security.

3. Blocks spam registrations, messages, and comments, etc.

4. Option to show Google ReCaptcha on 4 pages.

  • Protected Pages
  • Login Page
  • Registration Page
  • Contact Page
  • Forgotten Password page
  • Checkout page
  • Newsletter

5. The latest version of the Prestashop human verification module features an option where the store admin can choose the type of ReCaptcha for different pages.

6. The store admin can choose the number of login attempts before Google ReCaptcha is displayed.

7. The store admin can select from the Light and Dark themes. 

8. Option to change custom CSS and JS.

9. The Prestashop Google ReCaptcha module is SSL compatible.

10. The addon is Multi-store compatible.

11. It is compatible with all themes

12. The Prestashop addon is multi-language compatible

If there’s any other thing that you would want to know about the Prestashop Google ReCaptcha addon, check out this video here.

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