Benefits of One Page Checkout in eCommerce

When it comes to sales, we always want more but we never try to optimize the shopping experience of the customers on our eCommerce website. According to research, almost 70% of the customers leave the cart abandoned after adding products to it. Most of the carts get abandoned due to complex and time-consuming multi-page checkouts. If you need more conversions and less abandoned carts on your eCommerce store then you need to consider One Page Checkout for your store.

One Page Checkout removes the unnecessary fields involved in the multi-page checkout, places all fields on a single page, and makes the process faster and easier. In One Step Checkout, the customer doesn’t have to go through lots of pages to complete the order, he can do everything easily from a single page. In this article, I will be discussing why you need to adopt a One Page Checkout for your online store rather than a multi-page checkout.

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Some Potent Benefits of One Page Checkout for eCommerce:

1. Faster Checkout:

The major benefit of the Single Page Checkout is it makes the checkout process faster and smoother by placing less number of fields on the checkout page.
The customer doesn’t have to load multiple pages to place the order, from sign-in to making payments, everything is done on a single page. It also makes it easier for the customers to review the filled fields as everything is on a single page.

2. Reduces Cart Abandonment:

Most of the carts get abandoned because of the long, clunky, and time-consuming checkout pages. Single Page Checkout is easier, faster, and smoother in comparison to the multi-step checkout which helps the customers to quickly fill in the required details and place the order easily.

One Page Checkout addon by Knowband offers various advanced features like Guest Checkout, Social Login, Google Auto-address fill, etc that make the process even easier and help the buyer to quickly fill the checkout fields.

3. Improved Customer Experience:

Adding to the benefits of One Page Checkout, it also helps in enhancing the customer shopping experience. When the buyers are able to purchase their favorite products faster and easier, they feel happier overall with the shopping experience. This also increases customer retention for your business.

4. Increased Conversions:

The One Page Checkout helps in improving the conversion rate by minimizing the chances of abandoned carts and making the checkout faster and easier for the buyers. Most of the carts get abandoned because of too many pages to load, slow loading, etc. One Page Checkout removes all these hurdles and helps the customers to easily place the order.

5. Better Site Performance:

In the comparison of multi-page checkout, One Page Checkout doesn’t require too many pages to load to place the order. On the mobile devices also, it cut down the time consumed in trying to fill the checkout fields on too many pages. A Single Page Checkout fixes these issues entirely and loads only 1 page to fill all the required checkout details.


Knowband offers the One Page Checkout addon which replaces the default checkout with a quick and responsive One Page Checkout. The addon is super easy to install and offers a user-friendly experience. One Page Checkout addon is available for PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, and Magento 2 platforms.

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