A Definitive Guide To Turn Your PrestaShop Store Into Mobile App

The growth of many successful eCommerce businesses in the past years has been because of bringing online websites on mobile applications. With the increasing number of smartphone users each year, it is quite crucial to be available on mobile channels for such a huge potential audience. If you have a running eCommerce website on PrestaShop & don’t have a Mobile App for that, this article could be a game-changer for you.

By now, you would have been an idea that websites built on PrestaShop can be easily shifted to an eCommerce Mobile App. There are various tools available to do that for you. One such is PrestaShop Mobile App Maker Module. Like its name, the plugin offers a pair of native mCommerce Android and iOS app for online websites.

All this can be done without even without any coding or technical knowledge. Being a PrestaShop store admin, you must have been aware of the 3rd party modules to add more functionality to your PrestaShop site. This Mobile App Maker Module by Knowband is one such to build apps for you.

Simple Steps To Build PrestaShop App:

Step 1: Purchase PrestaShop Mobile App Builder from Knowband.

Step 2: Fill pre-requisites form & get APK / IPA files for review.

Step 3: Once you feel everything is fine with app, ask us to publish on app stores.

Note: The apps will be published using your own developer accounts on Google Play & Apple App Store. You need to share the developer account details with us & our team will handle everything for you.

Free Trial Of  Demo Applications: 

Step 1: Download and install FREE PrestaShop Mobile App Builder & enable the same.
Step 2: Make configuration in the admin panel.
Step 3: Install demo apps on your mobile device and enter website URL (https://www.example.com).

That’s it! You will be able to preview your store on the mobile app. Still, wondering about benefits of the PrestaShop eCommerce App? Here are all of the major ones in detail.

Features of PrestaShop Mobile App Builder:


1. Flexible Home Screen Design:

With this app maker module, the store admin gets to craft the layout of the home screen of applications. It is the least time consuming with simple attribute configuration & drag & drop to adjust positions. Various intuitive & attractive graphics/catchy titles can be used to offer an impressive look to PrestaShop Mobile Application.

2. No Need Of Coding:

There isn’t any requirement to indulge in any sort of programming/database or any other technical aspect to launch mobile shopping apps. The extension is capable to offer complete control into the hands of store admin.

3. Usability With Devices’ Native Features:

The PrestaShop Mobile Apps are able to use various inbuilt mobile device’s features like microphone, fingerprint scanner, etc. This improves the app usability for the front end with simplification in product search, user verification/ login.

4. User-Friendly Shopping:

With the bottom tab bar, navigation menu & other countless features in PrestaShop Mobile App, shopping becomes more handy and fun for the users. With attractive deals & discounts, the users can be compelled for successful purchases. A mCommerce app becomes one of the top requirements to boost sales and revenue in your store.

5. Personalized Push Notifications:

The online store admin is able to send an unlimited number of push notifications on their PrestaShop mobile apps. This extension offers both automated and manual push notifications. Setting up notification from the admin panel is just a matter of a couple of minutes only. This is one of the major highlights of the extension for the fact that these notifications are potent enough to boost the conversion & retention rate by 3 times when compared to traditional approaches(email campaigns & web notifications).

6. Compatibility With Tablets/Smartphones:

These PrestaShop shopping apps cascade beautifully on both Android & iOS devices. Entire UI & features remain fully functional on the apps irrespective of the devices being used. The apps can bring both shoppers of both platforms (Android & iOS) to your website and enhance user-base.

7. Multiple Languages & Currency Support:

The PrestaShop Mobile Apps for your online store will have the same language and currency options as of the website. Even the RTL writing styled languages (Arabic, Urdu, Persian, etc.) work perfectly on the apps. Hence, shopping apps won’t be a language barrier and target the maximum audience possible (global/regional).

8. Live Synchronization:

Worried about inventory management? PrestaShop Mobile Apps got it all covered with real-time synchronization with the website. Entire data & inventory automatically get updated on the apps including all future changes as well.

9. Social Login/Sign-up:

A simplified & quick login in the eCommerce mobile app is the correct approach to lure users. With inbuilt Facebook, Google, OTP & Fingerprint, the PrestaShop Mobile Apps allow hassle-free onboarding keeping the user experience at par.

10. Social Sharing:

This feature provides the ability to share products on various social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. This way user unintentionally makes an organic ad of your products & lure many potential customers.

11. Live Chat Support (24/7):

The PrestaShop Mobile Apps allow the customers to directly connect with the store owner via Zopim chat or WhatsApp. This helps in gaining user trust and confidence for the app with prompt assistance.

12. Layered Navigation (Filter & Sort):

Often the cluttered shopping apps receive uninstallation due to confusing navigation. The eCommerce mobile app should keep on the fingertips what the users came to buy. Having multiple filters & sort options, these mobile apps offer an improved user-experience & saves precious time of the user.

13. Multiple Shipping & Payment Methods:

The prime motive of your application will be to bring purchases. Payment methods play a vital role to achieve that. Every user wants their favorable payment & shipping options while online purchases. The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder will bring all website payment options on the apps and let users choose the desired one for payment.

14. Simplified Checkout:

One-Page Checkouts have proven to aid the users from backing out of lengthy checkout pages. Mobile apps for PrestaShop offers by default one-page checkout for easier order submissions.

15. Order Tracking:

Maintaining transparency with the users is a must-have for online business. The order tracking feature in PrestaShop Mobile App allows customers to keep an eye on the shipping & delivery of products.

16. White Label App:

The application with PrestaShop App Creator is white-labelled to your brand. There won’t be any sort of reference to KnowBand or Nautica in the final product.

Wrapping Up:

Hence, in order to keep up with market trends & stay visible to online shoppers, mobile shopping apps are the most basic factor to achieve success. Having a fully optimized mCommerce shopping app allows online retail stores to serve their customers in a better way.

Mobile apps for PrestaShop being fully in-sync & automated lifts off the burden of e-merchants by minimizing the manual inputs. Such ready-to-use tools like Mobile App Builder are a sort of technological boon for thriving.

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