The Best Checkout Page Practices to Depend On

The significance of your store’s checkout page is with the goal that your sales and revenue rely upon it. On the off chance that you have upgraded your checkout page, you are giving your users a consistent, brisk, and bother-free shopping experience. The year 2021 is not quite the same as the last one and if you need your current clients to stay as well as shop just as needing new clients to continue to return, you should go on and take a look at the blog below. 

Things being what they are, how could you as the store admin enhance our checkout page to get more sales and conversions? This blog discusses it underneath.

Top 10 Checkout Page Practices:

1. Breaking point headers and footers to take out interference 

The solitary thing your visitors should be looking at on your checkout page is the checkout and nothing else. You ought to guarantee that there is no interference on the checkout page and ensures that the header and footer are killed. The attention should only be on the spaces that need to be filled rather than the header and footer. All they do is occupy the space on the website.

2. Decrease the number of form fields

Research shows that the fewer fields that customers need to fill in, the higher the UX performance rate of the checkout, for instance, the more likely it is the customer can settle the purchase quickly and with no issue. You can ask your customers to fill the zip code and automatically fill the location that the request is coming from to save time. This is one of the most important checkout page practices.

3. Separate tones for ‘checkout’ and ‘continue to shop’ buttons

The store merchant needs to offer the visual distinction between the different clickable buttons on the website and explicitly on the checkout page. Regardless of whether it is the ‘Checkout’ and ‘Keep shopping’, the tones ought to appear as something else and make it clear for the shoppers. 

4. Incorporate a product summary 

Talking about top checkout page practices, it is important to show a product summary at all stages of the checkout to keep the customer informed of what they’re buying. This will help them know what they’re buying with all the possible info like the size, and the color till they make the payment. 

5. Make it easy to edit the cart 

You should diminish the probability of the user leaving your checkout page under any conditions. Giving essential checkboxes to engage users to edit the number of products in the cart without leaving the checkout page and getting back to the storefront. 

6. Propose related products before the checkout page 

By ensuring the user has all they need preceding showing up at the checkout – for instance, when a customer is buying a microwave, you can show up options like a baking tray, silicone spatula, and other options as related products. A happy customer is happy to net incomes! 

7. Incorporated different payment strategies

With a wide variety of payment gateways available in the Prestashop One Page Checkout addon, you would not find it difficult to include payment methods like PayPal, PayU, or MobilePay, Ogone, Pago Facil, ePay, ccAvenue, Quickpay, Firstdata, Paysera, and so many others are there. This way, you will be able to allow your customers to choose from the multiple options available. Offering multiple payment options to your customers is also one of the useful checkout page practices.

8. Show the user the sum they’ve saved

The customers love to see how much they’ve saved while buying the product from your site. Show it to them! Essentially think, if the user is content with their level of consumption, they’re most likely not going to abandon the cart. 

9. Offer discount codes

A ton of shoppers has abandoned their cart considering the way that the cost was unnecessarily high, while some have abandoned it because they found a discount on another website. The message here? Make an effort not to restrict the assessment of compensations and coupons – they could be the differentiation between transforming a user into a customer or cart-abandoner. 

10. Offer free delivery

In case your net income permits, you should offer free shipping to ensure the customer has little inspiration to abandon the cart finally. Regardless, you should offer free shipping when the user spends a particular aggregate. By offering free delivery, you’re likely going to pull in a bigger number of customers than you would without, which would help your fundamental worry as time goes on at any rate.

With these checkout page practices, you can optimize the checkout page of your eCommerce store and can get more converted orders on your eCommerce shop. 

The Prestashop One Page Checkout module by Knowband does it all and makes sure the conversions take your business to a whole new level.

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