Prestashop Fast Checkout addon- the best-selling addon

One of the best-selling addons with around 8000+ downloads on the Knowband store is PrestaShop One Page Supercheckout addon. Prestashop One Page Checkout has over 500+ 5* reviews on both the stores. With the assistance of the Prestashop Fast Checkout addon, the store admin can diminish the risk of cart abandonment on the checkout page. As a result, effective orders can be received on your store in contrast with the multi-page checkout.

Prestashop Fast Checkout addon

Since the clients don’t need to go to different pages to fill in the checkout details, the addon makes it simple and convenient for your online clients to effectively and rapidly complete the checkout and place their orders. To make this addon more efficient and powerful, Prestashop has added new features to the addon in the new v6.0.9 version. Henceforth, with the help of this article, we will put a spotlight on those added features. 

Prestashop Fast Checkout addon with latest features:

Feature 1: Prestashop Fast Checkout addon latest version allows selecting methods to show the total price of the product:

 PrestaShop Quick Checkout addon’s latest version allows e-merchants to choose a method to display the total cost of the item in various ways. Furthermore, store owners can decide to show the PrestaShop default value, the total price of the product inclusive tax or exclusive tax, or both i.e., inclusive and exclusive tax. Moreover, from the ‘Select Total Price Display Method’ section in the General Settings tab in the back office, the owner chooses display options. The shopping cart section on the checkout page will showcase the method selected by the merchant. 

Feature 2: Prestashop Fast Checkout addon latest version offers Custom Field in the Invoice: 

With this element of One Page Checkout Prestashop’s latest version, merchants can display the information filled in the custom field on the receipt of the placed order. Furthermore, the store owner can enable or disable this ‘Show Custom Field in Invoice’ feature from any or even from all the custom fields in the back office of the addon. Also, clients can view the custom field details in the received receipt of the placed order.

Feature 3: Prestashop Fast Checkout addon compatible with PrestaShop v1.7.7.1: 

PrestaShop as of late delivered its latest version PS v1.7.7.1 with new elements and fixes. The PrestaShop One Step Checkout Addon latest update is completely viable with the most recent/ latest version PrestaShop version v1.7.7.1.

Feature 4: Prestashop simplified checkout addon compatible with Zasielkovna and gmparcellocker modules:

Prestashop simplified checkout addon’s latest version is now compatible with both the module gmparcellocker and Zasielkovna.

Feature 5: Fixed Compatibility Issue with Mollie Payment Method: 

In the newly launched version of Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon, each issue compatible with the Mollie Payment method has been fixed.

Prestashop Fast Checkout addon

 What are those features of the Prestashop Fast Checkout addon that makes it a must-have?

1. Prestashop Fast Checkout addon Offers social login element:

 The add-on permits the online customers to effectively and rapidly sign in with popular social media accounts. Including Google, Facebook, and Paypal. This feature helps in reducing the manual efforts of the online buyers and even saves them from making another new account.

2. Prestashop Fast Checkout addon offers Guest Checkout Functionality:

As numerous online customers don’t prefer to get registered and share details on another obscure eCommerce site. The guest checkout functionality of this addon assists them with putting in their online requests without registering themselves on the website. Moreover, online customers can place their orders being a guest customers. Also, they can create a new account or sign in to their current accounts right from the checkout page with no issue.

3. Integration with famous email service providers 

Integration with email specialist providers such as MailChimp, Klaviyo, and SendinBlue is offered by the latest version of Prestashop One Page Checkout. Further, once these accounts are integrated with the module, the gathered database of the online customers synced to these accounts automatically.

Prestashop Fast Checkout addon

Is Prestashop Fast Checkout addon v6.0.9 version better than Prestashop One Page Checkout?

Yes, Prestashop One Page Checkout v6.0.9 version is efficient butPrestashop One Page Checkout Addon can be used as well. Both the addons offer incredible features. Features including incorporating single-page checkout, removing all the multiple steps required in the checkout process of a store.

In both versions of Prestashop One Page Checkout, the buyer can complete their order using social login options. For instance, Google and Facebook.

Hence, Knowband Prestashop responsive one-step checkout addon is a must-use addon, Knowband being one of the reasons. Knowband has been working with different eCommerce platforms for years. Its plugins are meant for enhancing the functionality of your store to help you bring more traffic and revenue. Therefore, regardless of the platform ( Opencart, Prestashop, WooCommerce ), you can resolve your issues by mailing them at 

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