What does the Prestashop Affiliate module do for your business?

The term ‘refer and earn’ is something that every user who accesses eCommerce websites has heard of. The Prestashop Affiliate and Referral module are all about adding a widget on your eCommerce store where the customers can easily spread the word, promote your brand, and gets the reward for the same.

This blog gives you a heads up about the Prestashop Affiliate and Referral module by Knowband. In addition, how helpful it is for your business.

Features of the Prestashop Affiliate and Referral program addon

Generates more leads and sales

With the Prestashop Affiliate Program addon, the store admin can generate more leads and sales. Thus, the more ‘refer and earn’, the chances of potential sales increase.

The setting of specific rewards for specific users

The Prestashop Affiliates module permits the admin to set an alternate prize for specific customers as per his wish.

Allow participation of unlimited affiliates

With the Prestashop Referrals plugin, the store admin has the freedom to accept limitless Affiliates. The admin can disapprove any new affiliate registration entry from the back-end.

Display affiliate registration field

With the help of the Prestashop Affiliate and Referral module, the store admin can display an affiliate registration field on the website.

Offers numerous ways of referring to the store

The Prestashop Affiliate and Referral program addon offer various methods of referring to the store. The customer can share the reference code, link, voucher, connect sharing on social media, as well as connect sharing through email.

Social media sharing of links is compatible

The Prestashop Affiliate Program addon allows the customers to share the sharing link on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and google plus.

Fixed referral rate and percentage-based referral rate

The store admin can set the fixed referral rate on new registration and percentage-based referral rate when the order confirms.

The setting of voucher type and voucher value

With the help of the Prestashop Referral Program addon, the store admin can effortlessly manage the setting of the voucher type and voucher value from the bac-end.

Affiliate customers details are available from the back-end

With the Prestashop Referrals plugin, the admin can see the details of the affiliate customers and additionally set specific reference rates and voucher values.

Multiple commission functionalities

The store admin can easily make use of the multiple commission functionalities in the Prestashop Referral Program addon. He/she can manage the commission listings and payout requests as well as view the graphical report of the commission and referrals from the back-end.

Check for payout demands from affiliates

The Prestashop Affiliate and Referral program addon grants the affiliate associate to get their payout/bonus as a voucher or cash. The affiliate customer must raise a pass to pull out the commission acquired from his/her record, which will by then reflect in “Payout Requests.”

Benefits of Prestashop Affiliate Program addon

Affiliate marketing fabricates brand awareness

Increment your brand’s conspicuousness by getting sorted out a multi-level affiliate program in the eCommerce website store.

The program gives refer and earn the possibility

Offer your customers an outstanding gaining opportunity by displaying on the website a decision to select an affiliate.

Collect email subscribers

With more registration, you can get more email endorsers. The information can be moreover used for email marketing strategies. The Affiliate and Referral Program is an assistance to the cost of advancing.

Improved conversion

At the moment that the referent makes a purchase using the voucher code, you can drive more conversions. Henceforth, more sales. Giving the affiliates empowering impetuses can encourage them to convey more customers to you.

Final Words

Individuals are searching for sources to create capital and earn more. This is a chance for eCommerce store owners to convey new customers to their store with the ‘Refer and Earn’ program. The Prestashop Referral Program addon can help you with turning your PrestaShop business to the accompanying level. Knowband presents the Prestashop Affiliate and Referral module that helps PrestaShop store owners manufacture brand awareness. In addition, satisfactorily increase their user base.

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