PrestaShop Affiliate and Referral- Boosts Brand’s Popularity

Knowband  Prestashop Affiliate Program Addon permits the store admin to offer an alternative to the online client to pursue membership programs. Further, rewards can be procured by the clients when they allude the codes to different clients. On the other hand, the online store owner can increase sales by permitting the clients to advance the site and procure rewards.

The Prestashop Affiliate Program addon permits the admin to offer a prize to the affiliates for each new guest or client brought by Affiliate’s marketing efforts. Moreover, the store admin can carry out Affiliate Marketing solutions. This also affiliates a platform to procure commissions or rewards for each new client brought to the site. Thus, the Prestashop Affiliate and Referral Program Addon expand the sales and members can get a reward.

Features of Prestashop Affiliate and Referral program addon:

  • The Prestashop Affiliate and Referral program help store admin to produce new leads and increase the general income of the online store as well.
  • An alternate compensation can be set by the store admin for explicit clients using the Prestashop Affiliate program addon accordingly.
  • The Prestashop Affiliate program permits the interest of unlimited Affiliates. Moreover, any new member registration passage can be killed for the store.
  • Utilizing this Prestashop Referral Program addon, the admin can show an associate registration field on the site.
  • The Prestashop Referral Program addon offers a different technique of alluding to the eCommerce store. The client can share the reference code, connect, voucher, interface sharing via internet-based media, interface sharing through email.
  • The affiliate client can share the link through online media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google plus
  • Prestashop Affiliate and Referral module permits the admin to choose the length for which the client will get the references from the relegated code.
  • Prestashop Affiliate Program addon gives an approach to deal with the commission posting and payout demands.
  • The Prestashop Referrals module offers an easy-to-use interface.
  • The subsidiary clients can see the graphical report of the commission and references from their dashboard.

Admin Benefits of Prestashop Affiliate and Referral module

  • With the assistance of this Prestashop Affiliate and Referral module addon, the eCommerce store admin can permit the clients to participate in the member program.
  • The store admin can set distinctive rewards for various member clients.
  • The admin can see the member client details, reference details, commission details, and payout details from the admin interface.
  • Moreover, the store admin can expand deals with no technical knowledge.
  • It is not difficult to modify this Prestashop Affiliate and Referral program addon.
  • No technical knowledge required for execution.
  • The store admin can also permit the subsidiary clients to share the connection through online media.

Customer Benefits:

  • With this Prestashop Referrals module, the clients can bring in cash by alluding to codes or links to other people.
  • Any online client or store guest can take an interest in the Referral Program.
  • The Prestashop Affiliates module permits sharing an affiliate link on well-known social networks. For instance  Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest.
  • Clients can sign up as affiliates and earn money while they help to increase sales.
  • The clients can also create a payout request and reclaim the commission.
  • Clients receive the vouchers sent by the affiliates during the registration process at the store using the shared link.
  • Furthermore, the vouchers received by the clients can be used for getting the limits for future purchases.

Why Knowband Prestashop Affiliate and Referral program addon?

Knowband is the leading name as an eCommerce development organization offering Prestashop module development services to upgrade the functionality of eCommerce stores. For any query regarding this or other modules, you can reach out at

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