Planning to buy the desired item later? Prestashop wishlist calling owners

The unique element to display the shortlisted, recently viewed, and recommended products/banners on the website is offered by the Prestashop wishlist. Moreover, this Prestashop wishlist module permits the client to shortlist the most loved items so they can know about the items they need to buy or view later. 

Prestashop wishlist

What are the benefits of the Prestashop advanced wishlist module?

1. Prestashop advanced wishlist module boost the eCommerce sale:

The Prestashop advanced wishlist module helps the store administrator to support the eCommerce store. Moreover, the store customer can add more products to their cart when they visit the store. This increasing the website revenue.

2. Prestashop wishlist addon Retain Leads: 

Customers who haven’t signup, with the assistance of Prestashop wishlist addon motivate those clients to signup for an account. Further, the store admin can display those products to the store customers which are highly recommended. 

3. Prestashop save for later addon increases sales

This Prestashop addon increases sales of the website as it allows re-pricing of the products. Further, this addon encourages both user engagement as well as conversion sales as it offers the flexibility to see the demanded product. This attracts more customers. Besides thatPrestashop save for later addon provides various other benefits including an increase in sales rate, brand awareness, and retaining customers. 

4. Sale items: 

This Prestashop wishlist addon is additionally relevant to things that go at a bargain(sale). For instance, website such as Amazon informs their site users or clients when their wishlist products are featured at a lower price. Hence, this is an astounding technique for reconnecting or re-engaging customers who showed both interest and hesitation to purchase. 

5. Prestashop advanced wishlist module offers Out of stock products:

This addon even helps e-merchants to analyze the clients based on the items added to their wishlist. Moreover, the store admin can inform the clients dependent on the item included by the client in their wishlist to get. For enabling the back in stock feature in your eCommerce store, you can use Prestashop back in a stock addon.

Prestashop wishlist

Additional Benefits of Prestashop save for later addon

1. Prestashop save for later addon offers customer analysis

The eCommerce retailer can analyze the customer lists with the number of products shortlisted by the merchant with the help of Prestashop save for later addon.

2. Offers Order Analysis: 

This Prestashop addon offers a feature called order analysis. In this tab, eCommerce retailer to investigate the client records with the quantity of the shortlisted item.

3. Prestashop Save of the later addon is Mobile Responsive: 

Along with mobile responsive design features, Prestashop Save of the later addon supercharges your website. Hence, this addon is ideal for mobile users looking for all mobile users searching for one of a kind client experience.

4. Prestashop advanced wishlist module compatible with all Themes: 

From access to cross-platform to responsive UI, the Prestashop advanced wishlist offers everything.

5. Prestashop wishlist addon is easy to customize

Prestashop wishlist addon is simple to customize. Furthermore, this allows the admin to change the content, layout, or title of your page by customizing the overall look of the shopping cart page.

 Prestashop wishlist


Invest in Prestashop advanced wishlist module. In the present scenario, online clients on eCommerce locales scrutinize numerous items. However, just make an acquisition of a chose product at a specific occurrence of time because the objective of the customers isn’t to make a prompt buy consistently. From time to time, the customers just visit to analyze the thing and add it to their cart, so later when they would require an item they can get it. Likewise, they check the other store expenses and checkout.

Keeping all the above features in mind, Prestashop advanced wishlist module is the best addon. 

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